Friday, July 18, 2014

I was putting these away

The newsletter winners have been drawn & Cheryl, Linda & Julia you have emails ..
Congrats the cards will be so happily going to you beautiful people !!

I was cleaning up & the rabbits nearly all toppled over...
I had done these last week when having one of my culls 
Thought I'd paint all these ready for workshop sales...
As they tumbled this morning they looked a sight..
So thought I shall put the on the blog
These are bigger versions of the buttons Bunny Love & Bunny family.
In times past I have placed these 9cm rabbits on some linen fabric... a little wadding behind... maybe a stap or 2 partially placed on the fabric
I did come across the framed guys last week as I got the samples sorted to take to this workshop..
I will put a couple back on the web as quite a few here...
If...  anyone coming to the workshop wants me 
to save them one speak now LOL