Thursday, July 10, 2014


Attic Santa & a Tweeny Snowman
I have not done a load of this style of design work or remakes in years....
I have been having the fun time.

The felt is stronger & wool & the hand stitches are just as much fun as they used to be...
The little snowman was a thing I wanted to do for these pots of tiny nature that I bought a few seasons ago & each time I packed houses up or dusted.... those pots stirred in me the felt snowman idea.

Well one is done...!!!
This is a little guy who you could make over & over & park in pots.... use crunched up paper to a twiggy thing at the back for a tree....
Perch on a wooden spool, tie on a gift, make lots to tie on a big pine Christmas tree
Yes I do need to get these patterns onto the web...but I am having lots of fun first LOL.

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