Friday, June 20, 2014

Little French Rabbit

The painting for  the Christmas Club first mail issue has been painted & I had a left over !!!! 
Of course as I package in the evenings.... this was looking so tempting.
A heart from French General fabric was already cut out & loitering..
LOOKS FABULOUS with the button
When doing Christmas decoration never discount this type of is strong yet allows a big button to sit on it & stand out...
I think these buttons need to be put on the web....
The decorations are there
But this season I got to thinking ( well a thought passed by )
That maybe the buttons are more useful than the circles.
I originally designed circles to hang fro Christmas trees...
So these buttons could be more useful ????
Any thoughts are gladly received 

Each time I paint that French Rabbit ... he just softens my heart....
I have some stitcheries just with French Rabbit & co... which I am mailing out to a stitcher this week
Exciting times !