Friday, June 13, 2014

Bling Christmas

Blinging my way for Christmas in July...
I needed to do the deers for an order
I was on the tail end of one order 
beginning the next 
Marg Low's order of 
Under The Arches Bird for her Journal Cover  
( the one that was on the front of Quiltmania's  Simply Vintage Magazine)
I had been thinking as I painted yesterday about some more bling Christmas try outs..
I just love these.....
Especially the Under the Arches Bird decoration..
I am thinking......
See at Christmas I think it is Flea blog showcased a house then a shop they went to in the States & it was white & sparkly huge gorgeous display...
This blog is on my side bar.....
I didn't want to lose sight of how that made me feel when I drooled at the pictures !!!

It is funny as for so many years I just detested anything sparkly..
now it is time to embrace a bit of bling don't you think...???
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