Wednesday, May 21, 2014


After  returning from the post office yesterday 
The stamping the 40 pieces of fabric that I had painted the previous day began.
It is a lovely lovely sense of abandonment to watch what happens as  a stamp is selected & imprint is final on the fabric.... 
to step back & look at what else is needed so things do not look too twee.
The batches I did yesterday are destined to go on sale at a workshop in Boronia (June's patchwork shop) via Max & Louise Pattern Company on 14th June 2014.


In the following few days I want to make some time to explore more ideas for the 
workshop I will be doing in Melbourne on 16th August 2014
It takes one away from the angst of our budget and politics right now...
I love being able to kind of hunker down 
take myself off away from the concerns ...
We are lucky to have such things at our finger tips, ....
A needle & some coloured thread 
to stitch on some fabric..
Fabric somewhere to sew a quilt, 
just keep putting those pieces together...!!!
Paints & a brush & something in front of me to place the soft bristles of the brush onto a little bit of paint
let it slide over the medium be it wood or fabric or paper..
Listen to a bird 
as we bask in the autumn sun