Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Went roaming again....i


This weather always captures my spirit to roam....
to soak up the atmosphere of the gorgeous creativeness of the gift store folk..
who have such an eye for selecting what to buy or create & placing it just so..

There I was in Piper St Kyneton late Sunday morning.
beginning my stroll at the top of the street....
I dipped into one store, then another... & each time I was taking time to study what was on offer..
.. be it be a mixture of collectibles & antique small pieces.. each with distinctive designs
the modern gift shop with just so many temptations... they had some wonderful frames....
Into the next shop... again an amazing selection of different things.
Then I was at ECHIDNA... & there I was for some time.... selecting as I looked slowly,
the ambience here is so wonderfully different & I don't know ... it has such a soul.

Below are some of my purchases here
Look at the wool thing it is a crocheted wool lace strand wrapped around an antique small spool..
How divine is that !!!
The cookie cutter is brass {I think} I chose a rabbit to fit in with my rabbit buttons....it will probably never meet any biscuit pastry but it will have French bunnies for company & it will sit waiting for styling requirements.
The wool is fine & soft & for tying I thought...
the washer thing makes a cool background for my work & photographing...
Buttons a gorgeous selection of white ??? but so lovely.

There are several items knitted in nettle fibre....just all so beautiful.
See I had my fill & I must admit a little light headedness came over me..
which meant it was time for food....
then time to wander back...   

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