Sunday, April 20, 2014

Purse with many different looks

I spent some of my time today devising a small purse layout & then whizzing them up on the machine.
The difference with the fabrics .... a little added linen patch in some cases & then just seeing what buttons worked well on the purses I had sewn up.
The larger Bunny love in grey looks really good on this colour fabric &  the line of the rabbits are really shown off if I do say so myself LOL
They all look great.
The Under Arches Bird here is a robin.....which was an experiment from the off white colour it usually is
This is what I mean when I do the button packs or button stories so many can fit that one project & each can take on a different look.
Add lace on one, ribbon on another...stitch across another etc etc LOL  It is fun....