Friday, April 11, 2014

Habadash Castlemaine

Yesterday..lots of rain & I was wanting to go & explore some ambience...
it is only about 30km drive  away....
So I set off about 10.30 am ...
Enjoying the change in scenery from blonde to green fields..

I parked in Templeton St ( up from Railway station )
there blinking at me was Habadash store I had not visited the new premises..
So this was a wonderful treat..
Inside that door & greeted warmly... I meandered & stood wondering which display to look at next.
I began to think of who could use all this in their designs..
Then I actually got around to myself..
The little card was what I selected first, followed by the cards of velvet ribbons...
I was thinking of Christmas & a felt santa trimmed with some of this ribbon..
Covered velvet buttons will be useful & so so soft to pat !
By now I am onto things for the collage stuff I am playing with..
That  antique lace ..I think some of my off white buttons will work on that.
I have found some painted things I had left strewn on the table
among them was the Everyday angel button & a retired red 2 birds..
Kind of interesting.

As I continued to see what the newsagent had in store & buy some food nearby while I was out..
I was ready to head back.
As I drove down the back street... which runs by the railway also runs by a botanical garden which is a lovely way to drive out onto the main road. & then freeway
Stopping to buy apples at a stall 
and my mind 
I had been shown this beautiful table cloth with Irish embroidery..cut away stuff, this scalloped edging & holes button stitched...white on white It is only $45 & I left it there.
It would be divine cut & made into a quilt...
a special designed quilt with fabrics to experiment with..

Anyway, from that came my paint & overlay fabric...the quaint quilt I already had
 & suddenly I was back to
 my A Day in Paris quilt 
where I had embellished with things that sparkled & ric ric & goodness knows what else & the 2 stories came together...
Those sparkling buttons would work on the overlay fabric with my painted buttons & these maybe some lace..
I know where  I am going with this...
it's the blending of worlds that on the surface would not appear to blend but when one has a passion for stuff it can be worked... stylishly, French vintage experience...and you know that is what Habadash says to me..
I thought in the shop at one stage yesterday
I could be in a shop in Paris...
So... off you go...
If you have been recently go again with fresh eyes.

These are pictures of part of that quilt from  DAY IN PARIS circa ??? 2006 maybe 
It was designed to look like a find in a little antiquey sort of shop with a curved awning over the tiny door in a little street in Paris
adding some treasures I had stashed away at the time was part of the thrill of transporting myself into the world of Paris ( in my imagination)

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