Friday, April 4, 2014

Discovered a Divine shop in Daylesford

I discovered this divine shop in Daylesford yesterday  ( not in this picture )
Name of shop is 
Apart from the soft linen table cloths, Danish tea towels in colours of grey etc..
There were clothes that I so love..
softest linen in that powder blue, taupe & I think an olive..
a dart here, a pleat there..
Simple & I wanted one to wear & wear..

I had trouble with the fitting in the upper body....
turns out the owner is the designer of these clothes which are made in MELBOURNE

So soon a size will fit moi....
Absolutley charming couple who are the owners ..
My friend & I left that shop feeling as if we'd had a the most amazing service & conversation
we had not bought anything..
Of course I will soon... 
I did go back to buy a Danish teatowel that I think can be used for stitching...