Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Creative Spirit

The postie delivered 2 French magazines the day before the Easter holiday...
Both feature one of my decoration buttons
on the front cover in a project of a journal cover 
done by Marg Low designs sits my 

Edi- Saxe magazine 
inside is
large button decoration painted in yellow & aqua

I had some good reading for Easter....

The rest of my time of leisure was spent creating more 
I could not help it....!!!!
 each time I sat down...  I'd reach for paper, pen & tray of buttons...
Most are on the in Button Stories & Button Packs 
There is also some button additions for mostly Christmas which are from the latest framed circle folk.
These 2 cats is one & it is so cute & I think very useful.
The 3 snowmen & 2 snowmen & French Rabbit and the snowman with bird on twig are now in buttons.
Not all have been updated to the web yet...but look down in the collage & you will see them here first...

There are stories for the inner child if nothing else...
Imagine these 3 on the children's nursery wall in same size frames or come to think of it... one larger frame & 2 smaller
Then why not make another wall small spot with the 3 smaller stories below ....
But of course don't think it is only for children....
I derive lots of pleasure just gazing at the Animal Farm scene...
Blue dog, pink meow kitten, blue house ..some stitched or felt trees ... couple of flowers & a pink icecream .
This is what comes easy to me & as a constant gift to the universe I price the design layouts I use buttons in at a minimal colour copying cost... 
I love drawing !!!
Barb xx