Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Bunting Time

I did a little play this afternoon..
as rain soaked our dry earth...
the day turned gloomy
It was time to 
Play buntings...

First were the bebe Bunnies & bunny love

 Then birdies & the wheel barrow filled with blooms
 Something for the sewing room came next ...tweeny french scissors & a mannequin
 Nothing happens with out the happy santas


Nicole said...

Have you seen the last "simply vintage", Barb? There is a lovely "bird in arch" I seem to know....
I'll write very soon

Leeanne said...

These are beautiful! Looks like you had fun playing.

theodora said...

Bonjour Nicole, I have seen the magazine on line & am waiting for my copy to arrive.
Under the Arch is the bird....on the front cover again whoo hoo.
Barb xx

theodora said...

Hi Leeanne,
Thanks I am pleased you liked them.
They are so easy & endless playtime.
Barb xx