Saturday, April 5, 2014

Autumn Days are favourites

I needed ink for the printer this morning...
Grateful I was in a place that I could do this on a weekend..
I also needed to buy new shoes..
These 2 stores were close by to each other...
Parked car away a little so I did get in a walk !!!

As I crossed into the open air mall ...which has a lovely set of strip shops..
In the centre was an animal farm..
Geese, grey floppy bunny hopping about, 3 collie pups & the Mum near by, A burmese cat..
sheep.... guinea pigs..more rabbits...a piglet..
I watched for some time, feeling the smile break over my face...
Just watching these gives me a lovely feel....
Into the shoe shop where I had my feet & gait assessed
& the shoe try ons.... which came to the same as I have now...
The service was lovely...Athletes Foot 
Ink got that easy...
pop into Typo which as well as having some fantastically interesting stuff it always plays the music..
I always always want to stay to list to more of their music..
I have a jar muck about with an idea...& a silver stamp pad ditto...& to let more sparkle into my world 
I was waiting to cross at lights & it was a long wait so I slipped by into a clothing store...
As I left there I heard the drums.... the Chinese dragon sort of drums...
As I looked back I saw the small dragons in yellow & red... waking up ...I think..
( guess by now you wonder what i'd been drinking... )
Bendigo has the historical Chinese legacy of the dragon & the Easter Parade

These are such a skill & I just love watching them  ..
This had symbolic story as a masked man had a mirror & was sort of taunting the dragons..
This is only my interpretation...we'll need to read the link above
Then it stopped & the dragons bowed & everyone who has stood to watch clapped loudly.
As the dragons dismantled 
The young youths appeared who did this amazing coordination & such energy..
That is why I wrote 
i have ideas as well... just from that small little outing....   

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