Thursday, April 10, 2014


  AQC Quilt Event begins today in Melbourne.... 
if you are heading to that....
call by 
L'uccello's booth...
as of the many many interesting finds on their stall 
are these Theodora Cleave buttons & some more...
a French General product launch  

The Bird in blossoms is symbolic of my website logo 
& also comes as a 
Robin in blossoms
 Bunny Love in his white sort of look for those who love the white decor...he slips right in there.  
These loving couple are also in chocolate...( cannot eat them though )

The Dog, he sits there waiting for anyone to take some notice of him.
There is also a sitting dog which can be a pair...they need company dogs..

This is not at the show but I love it so...

 Le Jardin de Amore ... The Garden of Love
The French Rabbit is sitting here, the French Rabbit finds itself in all the right places, from Christmas decorations with santa or snowmen... to single little buttons..thread keeper & now the baby (bebe Bunny) sits atop of a thread winder !!!
In this scene is a wheel barrow bursting with red blooms, the tweeny bird & it's mini birdhouse.
Fabulous to stitch the few little design lines onto a
 needle keeper, 
scissor holder, 
gift bags, 
The subjects could change once you have this layout pattern buy an extra sit where French Rabbit is...or a cat.... 
& so the story goes on & on ....
that is why in the beginning I called theses packs 
because I made up stories with them ! 


Jan said...

I love your buttons, Barb. I have a small collection of my favourites at home and although I love making gifts only very special people are given one of them. So thank you for your fabulous designs!

theodora said...

Thanks Jan... I am so glad you have a little collection ....
Barb xxx

Linda said...

HELLO,thank you for the little gift in today's mail>I'm an avid stitcher so this will be a sweet addition to my stitch basket!
Thank You for your Blog+Designs too! Blessings,Linda

theodora said...

great the little gift has arrived, enjoy & happy stitching
Barb xx