Saturday, March 8, 2014

Once upon a Time... there went Millie the Cat & Zac the Donkey

TRAVELS WITH MILLIE was created into a lovely quilt in memory of 2 English Quilting cats...
Tara & Harry..
who have wandered off into the sunset of life 
and their memories live on..

A wonderful customer in Surrey UK... 
(you see cat people find each other across the globe)
....had stitched Travels with Millie with some versions to make it applicable to her friend & the cats who made sure quilts were made just so...
Harry was adept at choosing the thread colour for a quilt
Tara was quality control for machining pieces together as she snuggled on the sewing table watching fabric whizz through the machine.
There is a story for Zac the donkey as well coming from this one lovely email...
I was asked permission if Zac the Donkey pattern could be made up to sell in the

RSPCA equine centre which cares for horses, ponies and of course donkeys. The centre was once a privately owned donkey sanctuary owned by a wonderful eccentric couple (a Mr and Mrs Lockwood) with connections to the film industry"
(I googled The Lockwoods & Mrs was a Silver screen film actress.)
"As well as the horses and ponies the centre still cares for up to 
30 donkeys and during the spring and summer months the centre is open to the public 2 days a week so they can come and visit them. We have a small shop and sell new goods and crafts and my job there is to look after this shop. 
So the favour I wish to ask is, please could I use your Zac the cloth donkey pattern to make some donkeys I could sell at the shop as part of our crafts section"

I was so thrilled to be asked to help in a small way to the donkeys...
This is always ok for charity & for small personal gain.... permission for any commercial activity is required from me  For Charity / personal small gain it is a proviso that I am acknowledgeed as the designer on each item that it is a Theodora Cleave /Barb Smith design
Don't forget Zac the real Aussie donkey has his own facebook page & shares life now with Basil the sheep...