Monday, March 24, 2014

On my walk yesterday
I quote from one of my colleagues in her email to me on the weekend.....
& it gave me reflection that this is it all in the bundle...
be it one tiny button or a detailed santa decoration
Sweet Bronwyn thank you !

"what makes your designs so unique, 
you tend to get a personal touch 
when you have a 
"Theodora Cleave" button. 
designer and painter is you. 

Each button has love." 

Sunday morning 
a stroll around the old buildings in Bendigo with my camera
A cool morning & so lovely looking at the architecture & the finesse of these divine old buildings.
Some have so much going on.
This building is a small facade & this is only one piece, 
the centre piece of the building.
The balance of this style of designing is amazing..
It is ornate, but it is enough...
there is plenty 
the more I looked the more detail I saw... 
but the balance was also in the casual glimpse of the building.

Some of the weekend gathering of ambiance that stays with me...
one day a Farmer's Market 
the next day
exquisite buildings..
a little planting out in the garden
I did some work as well with the 
brush & paints