Saturday, March 29, 2014

Meandering week

The French Rabbit in French inks on divine cloth Italian paper...
little pen around the body...
he is ready for Easter & no don't put him on pinterest
he hates it there..just leave him here as he has easter duties.
( if you are puzzled by this request, I have a response in the comments on this page)
It has been an interesting week ..
I seem to have been meandering in a different way...
Monday evening 2 dinner guests ...
which was a stretch for me of late but totally enjoyable.
Wednesday I dropped a neighbour off for an appointment
Thursday  was a busy one & kind of bizarre one at different stages of the day.
Car service first....
In that process the service quote caused a little flutter when I was paying.
Then the spare key I had given is now no where to be found......
The car dealers, my car or in front of mail centre PO...
I meet up with a school friend for lunch & the art gallery's latest exhibition.
We go down to the theatre cafe which is always decked out with a French ambience.
I select the soup after querying if this was gluten free & stating I may have problems breathing if it is not ...
The lady rings back to kitchen  yes all ok
So my soup arrives & a pepper it with the finely ground bread on plate...blessing.
I have what amounts to a teaspoon, while I wait for my friend's order to arrive.
not so long after this little spoonful I feel the airways constrict.
I say to my friend "there is wheat in this "
So I leave it... & sit waiting for the constriction to kind of stop & then the funny mild body shock that follows.
I always remain calm through this which if I have far too much wheat could be a spectacular drop dead off chair event.....I have no idea & do not wish to go that far.
Anyway I mention it to the waiter because I was more concerned if other people were having wheat free when it is not so.
The lady appears & goes to great length to tell me definitely no gluten etc....laden with cream & thick... I thought could have been a rogue spoon or flour in the air in the kitchen No no no I am a silly woman.
I was appalled at her defensive nature ..I let her go on & on & said well this sort of thing doesn't happen unless wheat /gluten is somewhere ...
Looking back I wonder if the pepper cellar was a mixed bulked up lot with some wheat in that ...

Anyway here I am  LOL

The art gallery exhibition from London was wonderful & I need to see it again...a big amount of paintings.

When I get home & collect the post I read my cr card statement  & see that Asic have charged me twice for the renewal of my name.  I phone & hang around, nearly flipped when the voice message explained the delays could be up to an HOUR !!!
It wasn't, so ask re this duplication as the website was a bit tricky to manouvre...
No only one payment on here. Ring the bank
I do & bank person is so lovely..which bank too !  She gets to action right away & half way through it she says hang on a credit has been put through yesterday... so we wasted the bank's time but all solved..just not told.

I chase up lost car key to no advantage unless I come out there & match key with any left over...
But I am going to the
Provincial decor Living  VIP night starts at 5pm.
I have some laminating to be done at photocopying shop on way.
That experience was lovely ...I made my planned purchased   chair which was on special anyway...
If I had bought at regular price it is 20% off and because I was early i got a sample bag
It was a really great sample bag of a big flat wooden spoon, whisk, jar of pantry labels & a tea towel
That was a wonderful feeling !

I worked on & off through all this, some of the time at night packaging until midnight.
Today i also discovered Early settlers store....oh wow I have come out with a long I WANT list .


Desi said...

Hi, I'm new to your blog and was very surprised by your post, was not to pin your rabbit on Pinterest. Honestly I don't have a board that would accomodate him and wouldn't post if you asked not to. However, I am a bit confussed as to why you wouldn't want him posted to Pinterest as it would draw people to your blog; isn't that what you bloggers want? I will continue to look at your work, but will proceed with caution.

theodora said...

Hello Desi,
I am pleased you have raised this & gives me a platform to speak in more detail re this taking of images off web pages & blog pages to be posted elsewhere without any consent from the owner of the image & drawing.
It is a disrespectful act.
Many people are happy with that but you may see on many many blogs about the copyright law issues...that is breaching
my copyright if taken to repost without consent..
Read Pinterest copyright I am able to have my images taken off the posts by others without consent.
Regards Barb