Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Theodora & Barbara at about 19

There was some interest in looking for myself in my ancestor pictures yesterday.
Because by the time I was born Theodora hair was turned this way when her husband died suddenly..she went white overnight with the shock.
She was my most gorgeous Nana
seeing her as a young woman with dark hair & a bit of the frizz I was amazed.
There were several girls in the family & in a family picture they all look well dressed
After Theodora married a Smith they held barn dances in their barn on alternate weekends...
I see some of this woman now !
This photo is interesting for me..when at 19 I was living in Miles in western Qld after I had moved to Qld & was involved in a car Brisbane
This was my recovery phase I guess as a hairdresser in this small town.
I had gone to a ball... 
with a guy( of course )

At that stage of my life I was into the brown hair colours....
So I looked at a collage with myself in the picture at same age..
There are always parts of oneself one discovers if bits of our recorded history are spread over many states....
( see we are wanderers)
  Now for all of you who are already bored senseless with my sense of self 
I finished my few stitches on these felt little bags last night...
The donkey... giraffe & the mini quilt shop thread holder in a pastel pink
I got this thing for pink over the last bit of time out
I even dreamt of this divine shop like French General store & I was looking for the paper place that had been near by ( in my dream you understand ) 
I so missed this shop, ...then there it was incorporated into this shop ....a stand ...booth sort of space with papers displayed from a scalloped booth in pinks, pale greys It was so divine

I was ready for a long buying