Sunday, February 16, 2014

The cool breeze .....
copyright Barbara Smith

At last, a cool change has come in with a delicious strong breeze
last Sunday's heat seems years away...
I was so excited with the coolness 
some other news that will be revealed in the fullness of time
I had trouble going to sleep.

Today instead of being refreshed I feel a bit tired ....darn !
Did you know when we use an express postage bag & drop into a post box it goes direct to the airport & is not scanned until it arrives at it's destination
so  parcel that was due to arrive on Thursday 
is a No Event on the tracking system..
but  no care & no looking after the consumer.
I have stock that now has to be recut  etc etc.
Just beggars belief...that these express parcels can be casually dismissed...
If posted over the counter it gets scanned ???
I think a recent processing step has been eliminated but are we being mislead when we buy this service ???
I use this route always & it is not been a problem ....except once but it was tracked.
Always some little thing LOL