Saturday, February 1, 2014

Cures for Cabin Fever ???

I  am suffering from some cabin fever... 
from heat...
House is darkened most of the day.. 
I miss the natural light I guess
House is closed as air conditioners are keeping me cool
Too hot to go anywhere
Too hot to amuse myself ... 
that comes & goes..
attention span is less 
It is too hot to paint in the morning window....
so my routine is shuffled a bit
too hot to drive to the has been a very serious thought & still may happen !!

Had my moan now 
as we go into another 40 degree day

Autumn you can come back now !!!

So to amuse myself & wait until the heat passes...
I might just pull all the things out for this sort of thing
fabric, paints,stamps, buttons....
A promising time ???

It is not that I do not have many things on the go... plus I have work I can do...
I have goal setting to really get serious about
I have book work that is a must do
I have other rearranging to complete...
Clean out the wardrobe..
But as I said attention span is short...

I return in my mind to see what I did as a this Victorian Hot inland summers..
often I had colouring books 
would eat colour in & iceblocks
 Barbara Smith