Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Well... I will begin with 
the wonderfully exciting news for me at Theodora Cleave...
I just cleared my new wood designs for going into production..
Soon I will sit with paint brush hovering over the pieces... 
which do I paint first  ??? 
what colours ???
Ohhh I love these .... always do, 
 be a bit sad if I drew & didn't love it..
for all those who thought I never had much ego... 
this is where it resides in my drawings. LOL
Stock will begin to refurbish the web site out of stocks & sold signs as my vital person goes back to the machines this week....
I woke to the stench of burnt this morning out the back where the bush abuts my fence.
I was thinking it would be smoke coming from Gisborne & Kilmore fires
but sitting in my office window open to catch the cool lovely air..the smell was a bit stronger..checked my web link & yes it was a few streets away up the back...which would run onto the bushland here.
These works are arsonist & fires have been lit in the suburb at different ends & around & in densely populated areas.... signs of a murdering type ?????maybe.
The fire has been doused but the threat of unknown persons be they as young as 9 & 10 yrs or someone wandering about looking perhaps as if they are going about usual day but we as neighbourhood may not have seen them before so observe more closely, be a sticky beak.
It helps them get help...& keeps us all safer.
I know I sound angry because I am, this disrupts lives, this makes someone homeless, gives them nightmares, confronts who they are,
injures, kills animals,it gives a community a sense of belong but with such a sense of loss & fear.
I was well singed at 9 months old sitting on my mother's knew dressed in full winter gear all wool & a hat also, when my father was dousing out a bush fire we had used, with a water that was in an old petrol can.
Not what one would call a good look ...
the fire flared & whooshed straight to the me & my mother. My hair sticking out from under my hair was singed & so were my woollen clothes... but not flesh burnt.
Fear was immediately hardwired into that tiny brain & for my small years I would race full bore through the house ..down the long hall & out the back & I gather I was caught...all because the town fire siren rang.
A neighbour, the man who played the banjo over our back wire fence to me, was an insightful man & he would take me slowly each time the siren went to the front gate & finally beyond to the corner letterbox. 
I remember that day I was about 2 or 3 I came back beaming. 
I have a healthy alert now, put me in the potential danger & I bolt... but this is probably closest I have lived to high fire spot & I watch  myself & our neighbours & one thing I do not ever have is enough information... how close is too close.. 5km is close ???? 4 blocks is very close ????

I pulled these pictures into a collage this morning... I miss my old camera, we knew each other so well...my new one isn't as simple or as precise yet...
Here below are 3 samples from my booklet 
under things to stitch
of my designs Jenny made last year.
This bunny family has not reached it's destination in a stitched thing but has been in wood for the year or maybe a wee bit longer the bunny family. I use the pin cushion now & love it. There are bunnies in the booklet which are a variation on bunny love button design
and a redworked santa Jenny did a journal cover... with that & the tiny bird on a log cabin small cushion
I did some decorating ideas for the button club last year with a few buttons, bits of fabric and some jars, plain note pads, & mache boxes
This booklet When A Bird Sings... there are a few left in this print run 
I am thinking of doing a wee special with the other booklet 
Travels with Millie
maybe when Zac the Donkey comes from the printers in it's small,useable pattern booklet
Much to look forward to & then autumn & maybe rain tomorrow !!!!  
copyright Barbara Smith

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