Monday, January 27, 2014

Zac now a Cloth Donkey

Zac the donkey distracted me today....
I decided this morning to see how the design would translate into a cloth donkey..
Soooo sweet.
He is made in linen/cloth taupe fabric & a rusty bell around his neck
And he will be out in a pattern this week !!!!
copyright Barbara Smith 27/01/2014

I love the wood button of Zac & this is equally as charming...all kind of floppy.... well I love donkeys..


Jenny said...

Too cute :) I think I need to make a little Zac:) He is adorable Barb.

theodora said...

Thanks Jenny
He is a happy donkey !
Barb xx

Nicole said...

... and I need a happy Zac as well!
Sometimes I'd like a real donkey in the garden, but this Zac will be a lot more .... quiet !
He is très mignon !
Nicole xxx

theodora said...

Zac will be so happy in your French flower garden with the cats ....& close by to call to you when he needs that company !He speaks French....
Barb xxx