Friday, January 31, 2014

Travel With Millie samples up in Stitch'n'Patch

The Travels with Millie booklet has a small quilt sample made
is on loan
So if you have a chance over a month or so pop out & have a look..
copyright Barbara Smith

I had a wonderful email greet me this morning in regard to a french embroidery magazine
the New Colours of HOME SWEET HOME are of interest..
I took such a risk to  pop out of my comfort zone a few weeks ago & try these colours...
Loved them so they went on the web..there is a house button & some birds in these colours too.

Last night I went along to Robyn Bull's Goal setting workshop...
As usual I totally enjoyed myself & ready to make a road map for my goals..this was the style that has made the best motivation sense to me.
Robyn does some amazing workshops.... for moving one forward with the appropriate qualifications I will add, as I think that is important.... 
I have found the 2 classes
The Purpose, Passion & Vision board workshop & the Goal setting really great. is hot & way to sunny to get beside a well lit window now so I might go try a road map...
& finish the Donkey pattern notes.