Sunday, January 5, 2014


Yesterday I did the Purpose, Passion & Visionboard workshop
in Bendigo
with 5 other wonderful women
we were lead by Robyn Bull
Who conducted a lovely day...
helping us mine what was our purpose in life...
Passion... well I kind of had a hint there...but it is always broader than what I present to the world
then the tables full of magazines 
where we cut & tore pictures & give us a visual map & reminder of where we want to move forward to.
Great well as being a really satisfying experience it was fun to see faces of happiness at the end... where each of us had a different sense of self.

So today things are roaming about 
I am not able to harness a lot what I plan next for just my maps
I guess I am processing all that made impacts & gave me a better focus to my life !
Then as I walked by this room the collage on the right in the photo I always look on with a softeness & a ??? it kind of lights me up..
this morning I thought
I work in collages..just similiar to the vision board application...
I then looked at the board I did for the look see tuition for the mid year quilt show class in Melbourne.
another collage
& I like them really as art work I would happily hang on my walls 
So we need to do some more application on these..
but believe me 
please respect my copyright for this picture below