Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Millie Booklet is here

Yesterday after lunch a call came through to say the Millie booklets were ready for collection.
I am very happy with the sweet little booklet full of endless possibilities to stitch into.
The pre order special is on until 30/01/14

I am rather busy at the moment....
the machinist takes a nice holiday  from this week until 20th Feb..
I hope my stock levels hold !!!
If not I will have a holiday of sorts too LOL

Copyright Barbara Smith
 The weather is so HOT....
I had cause to get myself into a tizz yesterday & so I have a little time loss.
When one works where one lives there is sometimes the idea that one is idle.
I am rather laid back so that is added to the equation & it isn't quite what is going on under the surface !!!
The concentration level I use to work with only comes into focus when things kind of encroach on my space.
I have a lot of personal space & I cannot talk or have anyone kind of prowling about in the room as I work
I need natural  light & where I place myself is governed by the heat too
So this morning I woke early ...hot..got struggling with being selfish
I am out of sorts now !!! BLAH