Thursday, January 23, 2014

Looking Back to move forward ???

It is perhaps self indulgent to look back over the years of one's design work
Certain stages or a piece provoke a memory.
Some take me back to the Woodcutter's Daughter trading days...
but most are in the current stuff.
I do love the variety, the bright happy open it Christmas in red or the happy flowers or then in pastel tones

Then the subdued shades & simplicity
of a button on simply linen shape.
Some are plain easy 
I see in those why bother trying to make it complicated when it is achievable for all.
Isn't that the best...the inspiration it brings to each of us...
A mix of what my life is about
 with an underlying thread of simplicity.
You see when I read these pictures I am reading the facets of myself.
See I did say it was perhaps 
self indulgent !!!     copyright Barbara Smith
After looking back & thinking of the Christmas phase of my work which begins ??? well early & continues a bit after the Santa has settled back to do for next year.
The strength of colour & what I am drawn to and have unfinished in a theme is a softer tone for a few days...
As I write that I think of 2 things ...
one is the newest designs ready to arrive in February/ March & what colours & tones they will be....
the bright oranges, yellows & aquas I see in pottery stuff & clothes 
I am drawn to experiment with those as well & see if any fits with strength on my shapes
I have delayed my paperwork enough...
time to go...