Thursday, January 9, 2014

Hurray Millie Booklet is at printers

I sometimes chide myself this week as I dawdle the days away it does seem..
But I do have things to show
.Specials on painted things & painting my way through these
. New Designs cleared, cut & arrived & painted & on the web
. Adjusted designs as above. 
. Travels with Millie booklet was cleared for printing TODAY !!!!
Here is a picture of the darling Millie this booklet designs came from as we becme just us & moved & aged & adored each other.
Dainty little miss..
I have some snapshots of the stitching in the red was stitched by Jenny in NZ
the blue fabric quilt was by Lorraine a friend who would often look after Miss Millie if I was away...

Also are the new wood pieces..divine flowers in 2 different sorts of barrows...a donkey...called Zac as a fond reminder of Zac the donkey I passed everytime I drove in or out from Cohuna via Pyramid Hill..
and a giraffe....well they kind of go together !
I will do a PRE  ORDER SPECIAL for Millie booklet on the web... tonight
I really must paint now !