Friday, January 10, 2014

Fun late today

I had some awaited magazines from Stampington USA arrive this week...
Some good breakfast reading was had this morning..
I Loved the look of a project by Taryn Reece in Sew Somerset magazine

It is so neat..the canvas paint frames using back.
I was having a long think the night before how to display the donkey & giraffe buttons..
So when I was on my posting run this morning I went into town to buy some frames.
This is my results
Some paint, stamps... bit of fabric...
& some glue to hold fabric and buttons 
or sew them on.

Giraffe & Donkey buttons
 Barrows of flwoers & one has the blackbird in it
 The same barrow with a robin in it with bright flowers this time.
 French Rabbit was waiting for a place on this frame, with the new tub of flowers & a little red bird & heart..some fabric painted & messed with !