Friday, January 10, 2014

Fun late today

I had some awaited magazines from Stampington USA arrive this week...
Some good breakfast reading was had this morning..
I Loved the look of a project by Taryn Reece in Sew Somerset magazine

It is so neat..the canvas paint frames using back.
I was having a long think the night before how to display the donkey & giraffe buttons..
So when I was on my posting run this morning I went into town to buy some frames.
This is my results
Some paint, stamps... bit of fabric...
& some glue to hold fabric and buttons 
or sew them on.

Giraffe & Donkey buttons
 Barrows of flwoers & one has the blackbird in it
 The same barrow with a robin in it with bright flowers this time.
 French Rabbit was waiting for a place on this frame, with the new tub of flowers & a little red bird & heart..some fabric painted & messed with !


Nicole said...

it's lovely, Barbara! I think I'm going to adopt one or two ZAC soon....
and may be a black bird !

Lesley said...

Isn't it great when you get inspiration from whatever we all need to see things in a different light. Yesterday visited a quilt shop, saw a quilt made enquiries
staff disinterested, did they tell me there was a pattern available NO obviously keeping that to themselves.x Lesley

theodora said...

Hi Nicole.... donkeys are looking for kind French ladies always...
and blackbirds well they come with flower gardens ...
Barb xxx

theodora said...

Hi Lesley
Oh that is sad re the quilt....maybe
you can go back & ask if the pattern is available....or ring & speak to owner..quilt shops have a reason of being & need to sell products that they & others create... they don't exist with just having nice things for us to see....and you know if it is not an actual pattern that it is not available or an old pattern nicely explained it's ok....isn't it.?
Try these frames instead put a bit of quilt lying about LOL in the frame add a button.... you will have fun !
Barb xxx

Jenny said...

Gorgeous Barb - love them :)

theodora said...

Thanks jenny xx