Sunday, December 22, 2013

wound right down now

It is sooooooo lovely this swanning about doing whatever happens !!!
I find a short nap in the afternoon creeps in..
But I don't want that habit to kick in ..just in the heat it is ok..

Walks in the park...
today a lot of activity was setting up for carols this evening.
Men on things high up in the trees..trucks & cars about in what is usually walkways.

Visitor pop in.. phone call & no

I am waiting for several magazines to arrive from Stampington in USA & they are never getting to me...or they are so late.
I think our postal system is slower...because of the parcels coming in from overseas..
but I so long for these magazines to arrive.
Since Borders left our one takes these divine magazines on...or just an odd one ...
I shall go draw now....the floors ..a little later in the day. 
copyright Barbara Smith 2012


Gudrun said...

GOD JUL from Sweden and Gudrun!!!!

theodora said...

Merry Christmas Gudrun....
Enjoy the festive season.
Barb xxx !!

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Sounds like you are taking it nice and slow Barb! Best Wishes to you for Christmas and Happy Creating for 2014 love Dzintra

theodora said...

I am Dzintra.... sitting back & you know I don't ever remember being so laid back at this time before...
I guess the beach is a buzz with people & traffic... I do not miss that but I am glad I experienced it
Merry Christmas to you all
Love Barb xxx