Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The belief in santa & christmas decorating

.....That belief in Santa began back when...
( see the picture )
Where the tree was a gum tree branch Dad would cut in the bush where he worked..
Always a drama that tree & bucket matched & bucket didn't leak..
Afraid my do his lolly sort of father would just discard the tree..
before I had time to put the silver tinsel over the leaves & small branches.
Paper chains I had made with Mum would scruffily adorn the tree too & maybe a crepe star or a round bell would unfold, same as the little baubles I found last week .

Then I would wait the few days for Santa to come down our chimney with his sack of 
presents & the stocking covered in red netting that house a tiny bag of sweets & a whistle & a magic fish and ??? do not recall the rest.
So today I do capture the Spirit of Christmas..
it is such a glorious memory to relive over & over as I paint or in the past also sewed & stuff Santas..

The memory of occasions are planted so young...
It was  a day I always waited with expectation to play with whatever Santa brought...
it was a tense household & for someone young this swirls & folds into their fabric of life.

PLEASE do be MINDFUL of this if you fancy  a fissy fit is in order when small children are about & especially at Christmas time..
grasp the Spirit of Christmas not the haste of a different world which produces bad memories for children mixed with that hope of Christmas. .

copyright B Smith 2013


Nicole said...

The little girl is so pretty !
Was it you, Barbara ?
I love the brown reindeers as well..
Lots of work at the moment, I'll write soon !

theodora said...

Hi Nicole,
Yes little girl was me...I am actually holding dead wild ducks..but we won't go there.Why I don't eat any poultry !
The deers are the spray stuff on a stencil on brown paper it's magic..
Wait for the postman... something has gone to France.

Lesley said...

Gorguese text and pics Barb. I cannot understand why people do not like Christmas, do not decorate, no tree NOTHING do not like buying presents and it shows and those with the most buy the least for others no thought at all. On the other hand enjoy receiving small gifts from everyone else.
Christmas wishes Barb. x Lesley

theodora said...

Thanks Lesley. I suppose people come from different spaces who don't like christmas...
I sometimes lack time & things are rushed ... You know though it is a time of hope & if there is small hope this would lesson a person's value of Christmas ? Maybe.
Hope is so important ...
Merry Christmas Lesley, have a super day
Barb xxx