Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The belief in santa & christmas decorating

.....That belief in Santa began back when...
( see the picture )
Where the tree was a gum tree branch Dad would cut in the bush where he worked..
Always a drama that tree & bucket matched & bucket didn't leak..
Afraid my do his lolly sort of father would just discard the tree..
before I had time to put the silver tinsel over the leaves & small branches.
Paper chains I had made with Mum would scruffily adorn the tree too & maybe a crepe star or a round bell would unfold, same as the little baubles I found last week .

Then I would wait the few days for Santa to come down our chimney with his sack of 
presents & the stocking covered in red netting that house a tiny bag of sweets & a whistle & a magic fish and ??? do not recall the rest.
So today I do capture the Spirit of Christmas..
it is such a glorious memory to relive over & over as I paint or in the past also sewed & stuff Santas..

The memory of occasions are planted so young...
It was  a day I always waited with expectation to play with whatever Santa brought...
it was a tense household & for someone young this swirls & folds into their fabric of life.

PLEASE do be MINDFUL of this if you fancy  a fissy fit is in order when small children are about & especially at Christmas time..
grasp the Spirit of Christmas not the haste of a different world which produces bad memories for children mixed with that hope of Christmas. .

copyright B Smith 2013