Friday, December 6, 2013


I am really excited...
I found this flyer yesterday when I was some place in a waiting space...
Read it last night
Rang up this morning 
Price $250.00
Space yes !!!!
Some of you have read about my vision boards...but I can never get the technique or is it discipline to keep the Vision Board alive & maybe truly accurate.
So I wanted to learn this
my business 
for my work allocation
& for me
It is well timed for the beginning of the new Year on Saturday 4th January 2014 for Bendigo
or Saturday 11th January in Melbourne. 
The phone number is clear & if you are interested a call should get all relevant stuff emailed.

Fantastic experience just for you...
to work what you really want from your life 
don't drift can drift but it can have intention in the drifting !!!
Sometimes we are so scared to ask for what we want for us & so never do really ask..
Life has a ho hum instead of a zing ???
Why am I selling this because I really know some of the benefits of this sort of stuff...
Go take the life you want...
see you