Friday, December 6, 2013


Hanging the stockings up !
I remember when I was young and the list of what I hoped Santa would bring...
The days before Christmas were the longest days..
It is possibly why I adore creating my own Christmas year in & year out..
I have such strong memories of the Hope it did bring...

Here are 3 big deer buttons in off white
in the stocking central is
a little wobbly circle of cut felt..
a smaller version of the deer & 2 winter trees.
Felt ... it was not the best quality as I can see a wrinkle from being packed away
I always promise myself I will make a better one ...
But maybe you can do this..
Maybe you have a few of my buttons about...
kind of saving them for someday..
Well maybe it is today !
Use santa,s trees for the border..
one decoration for the centre...
Get out the works well !!!! or hand stitch it all if that is how your day goes
 a little more on hope...
A NEW BEGINNING is happening in COWES Victoria
on 10th DEC it is planned 
The shop is being beautifully fitted out as I write....
works of art in photography, glass & pottery will be housed here..
along with good coffee... cake & I do believe a French chocolate maker's chocolates.
Victoria & Uri are the creative duo 
Victoria will be styling hair a short walk away from the gallery..


Sue W said...

Gorgeous Barbara!

theodora said...

Thanks Sue !!!
Barb x