Friday, December 20, 2013

Closing Up for Christmas work

I have finally made a decision !!!
I am closing my work shop now until 
6th January 2014

I have been in holiday mode for a couple of days & rather liking it! LOL
The hot weather as usual I am not in favour of...wake up all tired & sluggish...
curtains closed, air cons on...
so who should be complaining..
I have these things to close & turn on. 
copyright Barbara Smith
I will still chatter on here 
It is just a lovely break of not snatching time for myself
having an absolute luxury of having time for myself..
It is  at this point I realise how much time I spent focused on work.
I may do some specials on the web.. as I have stuff etc that I am a bit bored with moving from one place to another..
we'll see.