Tuesday, December 3, 2013

ahhhhhhhh Christmas

I am catching up ..the stockings i did for NZ shop this week & loved the white & red together
The top is a bit of a board display with stockings topped with trees & circles with fat robin & holly...more trees & small bird...banners with Ralph & bird & hearts decorations
Last is part of the advent calendar 
NOW go over to my sidebar & click on FLEA 
& be taken for a wonderful Christmas journey..
Today is  a shop just FULL of divine stuff...
the 2 long posts previously to that one is a gorgeous open Christmas decorated house.
I think Flea took us there last year too..
So sparkly so inspiring... 
I have visited my 5th cousin today who is not so good...
but we are family...& even though we didn't meet until about 6 years ago..
we get together..heads together & today was no exception.
Some who do you think we are sights
my 6th cousin & her daughter's facebook site of her cake decorating.
Lisas cake creations with a Sydney location...
copyright Barbara Smith 2013


Lesley said...

Oh Barb,
52 FLEA bit far for a day trip but thanks to your site I visited it time and time again. Imagine having all that at yours or mine. Christmas wishes. Lesley

theodora said...

Hi Lesley, I am the same..I have just adored the photos of the shop..
An amazing display..how much would one buy or return over & over to that shop if nearbyish...what an inspiration & I want it all !!!