Friday, November 8, 2013


Nicole my French friend surprised me with gifts that were lovingly made by her...
I have a divine Millie tag & key ring...
she was that sweet..Miss Millie
And.... look at the purse /bag...
exquisite linens..
my initials cross stitched..
Belle !!!
I was touched by France yesterday !
I felt very special to have these in my mail box.
My day with buying a hose did not happen...
I looked & looked & wished I had bought down the adapter thing..for the tap
As one thing you learn living in different states & towns...
all the taps have a personality of their own !
I did not buy anything..
to return home & find I needed to go find some adapter..
It would have disappointed me yesterday.
...these days this is harder to deal with
The rest of that story is for my book ( I have the paper, dividers... & am ready !) 
 I did not come home empty handed
I bought a lettuce garden !!!
The man who came to construct my new super desk & couple of shelf things
arrived promptly.
this room is transformed...
I have not had a proper desk since I my stuff was on the way to the beach & lots of things that were old broke in the truck crash..
I learnt to live without things...
I am still living without a chest of drawers.!
This room is no longer a cluttered look..
But needs working
which will happen after I finish painting buttons & decorations.
When I work I have to decide what has to wait for another moment..
I have learnt to not be able to do things..right now.
I cannot rush the is steady as I go...
I was thinking of that as I waited for these last pics to load and nipped off to clean my teeth..
It is part of my nature....I appear at times not to see what is going on around me..
I am acutely aware as I learnt to read a situation fairly quickly at an early age..
 I am watchful, analytical, & appear calm & ignorant on the surface..
all part of my heritage of an angry man..
But it is useful & it is somewhat hard is the way I approach the world...
So at times now I use that must do to think some more on what comes next as I paint with a that steady hand & keen eye !
So some time to consider what will fill the shelves I now have !!! will be good.
 Things to fill up !!!