Wednesday, November 27, 2013

When A Bird Sings
Copyright Barbara Smith
The booklet reprint has arrived 
from the printers
the last of the pre order booklets are being posted today !
The new cover colour I like in a muted grey.
The collage are some of the samples Jenny made up from the stitchery designs in the booklet.
There are more than just Christmas in the booklet..
birds...bunnies..cats of course.
Home sweet & things.
Over my Christmas break I so want to work on the next little booklet & finalise Millie's stitcheries to go to booklet form.
I love it when I have space to create & play again...
Things sit in the holding pattern for a while at times..
I have some birds & leaves...santas...& ???
They are on sheets of paper ready to clean them for the machinist...
I do them when I wait for appointments or when I meet friends for a lunch somewhere..
It's my "free time"

I need to return to the paintbox break is over......ohhhhh