Saturday, November 16, 2013

Stories are told in Linen mix cloth

copyright belongs to Barbara Smith
Julie has finished stitching the little wreath button story 
which I think I will sew into a mini pillow.
The little stocking will be just that.
These 2 were stitched on a linen/cotton mix cream & look gorgeous.

The cats... they began life as here as felt cats...decorated in the country style as the Woodcutter's Daughter designs were about..
They were remade with spotty happy fabrics as French Cats..& I have spotted them strayed way off course at a show in another country..
 some old santas..that went in an ad in Homespun I think a long while ago
I did have a bundle of big ornaments ..
but it didn't come over to the collage place...
So back to painting when the sun shifts a bright i cannot see!