Saturday, November 30, 2013

Display Ideas...perhaps

These were prepared for a talk I did last year at University of 3rd Age
I had forgotten about the tree I made up with a canvas board, bakers twine, scalloped paper, load of santa buttons & double sided tape 

 The canvas painting boards as you can see
I get rather attached to them!
They are terrific if I have to travel & set up in an unknown space as well as in limited time... also when I pull down a display it all comes as it began.
prepared before setting off.
Because buttons & small stuff take forever to attach

 In this display
The advent calendar is made from another canvas board... kraft paper tags.. bakers twine ..number buttons all in off white
and double sided tape !
Also I see the house stitched on the journal cover..bon bon with button.
Actually I have been meaning to tell you I found some fat sort of bon bon cardboard a few weeks ago & the closet I have got to experimenting with that is line fabric tied to the bob bon...but I gaze at it a lot & it would hold some of the small stithery designs in
the little booklet...just in case you are pondering where to put yet another santa face stitchery.
Pop your own little thing inside or a lovely few words on a strip of paper...
I am going to look at a  Market in the Square at Townhall Bendigo..
it is on today & tomorrow