Sunday, November 10, 2013


copyright Barbara Smith 2013

When I took a break yesterday...
those white noodle boxes needed to be moved 
off the table..
I grabbed the twine 
made them look like christmas had begun.
Santa from my 2001 ??/ Christmas book came out as well..
The berries I collect like a blackbird .. I bring them home to my nest
I unpack the wonderful strand of lights... that was successful..
Usually I wind stuff into a knot when I do the "unravelling"
The Berry strand with rusty bells & rusty stars too me back to my country decorating days..
my time spent working at Cinnamon Country in Melbourne
Berries & rusty stuff were the most brilliant decor items & still are & they fit with white..glitter..whatever..
The candle is my bit of bling..
The sparkles have slowly worked their way into my world ..
Even to the point of the larger Christmas Santa has had an experiment which I like..
I'll show him off soon !
My tree....
The round metal one is one of the few that travelled with me this time as does Rick's Christmas tree from USA...I need more of them..but they are so rare Australia.  I think it is to do with quarantine laws.
This season the berry strand, the little lights & my bling candle comes from 
MON COEUR in Bendigo..
It is a fabulous time to visit the shop..
as the Christmas decos are up & are exotic as well as some more rustic things..
Maldon has a market & i am taking a good part of the day off to explore it is a home grown & hand made market... the type I began this journey in 1990 
So happy to see these markets come back...I love them !
Then I think Daylesford calls me ..
& maybe I should then meander back via Trentham & Kyneton... 
 look at the land the Cleave's first lived & farmed on in calls me...that is my excuse for roaming about gathering inspiration & things for display

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