Monday, November 25, 2013


I needed to remake this design pattern of 2004 last night
A project that had come to my attention..
So these puss cats came in linen & linen/cotton mix
 They were not keen to be left lolling about... so I leaned them against the now barren Christmas tree
 Just another style of fabric for one of these..
The smaller size was sewn inside the tracing line with about 1/4' seam allowance.
My habit was to design to sew on the tracing line..
So here we have some slim & some plumber cats
 These were  after their second release as French cats
The overlay pair went to the last quilt show I did in Melbourne and trunk shows around...& were in a couple of classes oh yes and a Gathering where these & a few birds were in the same pattern. Could say been around a bit & seems it is now spreading itself around... trip to the vet is needed..unneutered it would seem.  
 These are ones that Jenny in NZ did...when she was not stitching samples for me.  copyright 2004