Monday, November 25, 2013

Big ANGELS !!!!

Angels have now been made into 12 cm decorations
like the big santa & snowmen ...
They do look rather stunning on a white tree branch..
copyright Barbara Smith
I was in Melbourne for the weekend..
I needed to leave my work for one entire weekend
Lovely to catch up with friends.
Sunday I popped into the Quilt Trade Fair.
It is a small but lovely affair..
I was pleased to have that bear hug from Pete, Anni's husband.
Anni & Pete Downs are favourite people ..
for a few years we were neighbours at these shows..
Anni's new fabric is divine...
her new quilt is beautiful....
she was cutting that fine I was reading her blog how she was stitching it together
There it was on the wall just in time..
It will be in the stores soon.
I wasn't there to buy as such but maybe ...
I love to watch the display of creativeness
See what fabrics are coming
See even there these days if I found a room FULL of linens ...I'd be hard pushed to pass that up or even leave the room.
but I observe
I love to see the Australians who have had their own fabric printed & made differently
A dress designer from Brisbane was also an interest..
Love that surprise find.
Bit weary today...but I am sure myself & I will meet the paint brush shortly.
This picture below the small wood tree is rather sweet...not sure it is for decorating but a decoration in not my idea ( pity )
But I do love it's simplicity.
One more thing...
I hope the printer's have the booklet ready today..
It was being printed on Friday, however it needs cutting & stapling & folding of course they said today !!!
I have sold over half the run in pre orders..
so I need to bag for posting time !!!!!!!!