Wednesday, November 20, 2013

as I wait for the paint to dry

As I wait for the paint to dry & the post to arrive with my raw stock
how I will
paint all I have here...
It is so so lovely to hear positive praise ..
Well who isn't up for that ?
The words that follow just lit me up
One of my lovely customers sent me these gorgeous words in her email where lucky her is still holidaying in France.
"Dear Barb,
When we got back to Paris
 I was in time to go to their version of the Stitches and craft show
saw a beautiful display of your buttons
 and Marg Low's designs
on the Quiltmania stand.
How proud I was on your behalf.
You do Australia proud. "
Marg & I are in Issue 9
 SIMPLY VINTAGE magazine...
the link is & on the left hand side is a tiny picture
the first words under that will take you to order..
20.80 Euro's to Australia
On the front cover ( see top left in picture ) & the back cover
some pages in between.
There are my painted wood designs
Marg Low's Christmas designs !!!
Simply Vintage makes it's debut into English  translation as well as it's native French.
You will need to buy the magazine online as it isn't usually here in the newsagents ...
Get your shop to stock some...always a wonderful magazine
full of inspiring projects. 
and from another customer  a day or so ago
"There is no one else out there doing anything like you!!!!!!! And that's a pretty amazing thing to say. Your work is truly your own, and they are 'one of  a kind' designs."
I set out 18 years ago with a mission statement & some sort of ? belief
to have my designs ( then it was cloth dolls & later stitcheries)
to be known in their own identity.
It was easy to be influenced by much of the American designs we all adored & I still see most of my favourite people are around...
I still cringe when I think of my first catalogue in black & white hand drawings..
on the cover.
It was all I had and was affordable
But over & over I have been grateful not to ever try & be someone else in my work.
It is me...
So it's been a long enjoyable journey thus far..
always I risk...I land something at your a cat with some prize it has found..
how will I know anyone but me will love it ?  I don't I have something within that picks up a pencil & draws....
I talk most with my hands...
if someone is discussing a problem they have
I grab pencil & paper & draw it out in bubbles & words.
I used to do that when I was in internal auditor
I thought it was just from that job I was doing..
But it's part of the way I "listen"
Enjoy the celebration...
I must begin work