Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A Little Dash of Christmas Spirit

A dash of Christmas Spirit..
some things now
some things past
copyright Barbara Smith


Nicole said...

You are "en avance", barbara, for the Xmas decorations..... I'll start only on the 1st of December, my grandmother used to tell me it brought "bad luck" to start before!And every thing had to be back in their boxes before the 11th of January! Deear grandmother...
Anyway, I love your red branches...

theodora said...

Yes we had some story like that in Australia as well..but I forgot the rules many years ago & play Christmas for a long while.
It is so pretty !

Lesley said...

Enticing collage of beautiful pictures Barb so ready for Christmas decorating.

theodora said...

I have been surrounded by Christmas in many stages since August ( in earnest then ) so it's great to find things ..that stay here !
Barb xx