Saturday, October 26, 2013
I was away gathering inspiration and doing a mini retreat......
staying in Queenscliff..
I had not ever been here so it was all new & interesting
Including the signs !

 I adore to look at individual shops & rejoice in having that there for me ..
The independent bookshops are the most enchanting places
as the owner chooses ...
then the gift shops are again so individual that to roam about letting the atmosphere seep through the soul is fantastic..
I found a few interesting gift stores...
each so unique..
Shells in one & a frame for my work
This book in another... ( fab book as I love them with story and huge pictures )
In that store were delightful hand woven twig wreaths that the owner's daughter's had made & they were so cheap & so gorgeous..
I left them there... so go find them !
I travelled down via Ballan & the MillRose quilt shop just as everyone was arriving for their stitching was a lovely atmosphere..
and I was looking for linen fabric...
Found some too !
Coming back I went via Ballarat & as I drive that way I come near to Mt Mercer where my ancestors farmed sheep before they went to Pyramid Hill in the late 1800's with 600 sheep ... now why did they do that ???/
Such pretty country around this area but cold climate .....I guess.
I stopped for about an hour in Ballarat...
another small break in Daylesford 
Into Lavendula just below Hepburn Springs..
I wandered around with my camera & had 2 delightful chance conversations..
Now I am ready to paint again
So for all my waiting wonderful folk things will be in the post so soon..