Tuesday, October 29, 2013


I loved these French inks that we used in the class by Sarah Gabriel a couple of weeks ago
 This was a bit of experimental playing I did towards the end of the day
This class gave me a sense of perspective..in how I paint in my work
and this style.
I must have brushes that have crisp precise edges & smaller rather than large sizes..
In this ink painting style..it was big pastry brushes..other ordinary brushes bent over,,'it just didn't matter.
My work has a precision & a tightness & exactness when applying the paints...
This was well let's see how this works...
Maybe a little pen here..
It takes me ages to paint a small piece in comparison to this style...
Both these drawings & well I guess they became paintings
are at least A4 size on fabrino   ??? paper
So it was a great class in that I have some more skills
to just let loose every so often..
I do need to buy about 3 inks from Sarah's gallery in Piper St Kyneton
so when the time allows & urge strikes ...
I'll try again....to draw somethings with the pencils  & then paint with these magical inks 


Jan said...

LOVE these, Barb!

theodora said...

Thanks Jan..I assume you are referring to the inks.... that work was quite different...but surprises us what we can do or not LOL Barb xxx