Monday, September 1, 2014

Look what I found

Yesterday I was in Mornington 
shop was closed.
But it was opened today
On my journey home..
I made the trip there especially...
as I had seen way too much from the windows

It is rather a lovely fresh shop...
With warm people living there !
Some wonderful fabrics 
especially linens & some other soft stuff that I need to buy a little piece of.

Friday I called into Baxter Sewing Bee shop which I  lovely & the people were lovely warm folk...
I had to buy some more delicious felt there...
Then it was onto Cowes
& a Sunny weekend was that nice !!!

I called into Gisborne today with intentions to see what linens were in the quilt shop..
But Quilt shop was gone ????
I asked but person didn't know...
So then I went into Kyneton to see Echidna 
So that was that I drove on home...

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Gearing into the real Spirit of Christmas

I love christmas & now it is full on here...
So many santa buttons are being delicately painted as well as ... more snowmen & etc...

I wanted to pop by on way to work with a little thought that can be bringing you to the Christmas Workshop in Baxter.....
for the people who have booked ...start counting sleeps

Monday, August 25, 2014



Which is fantastically close to a sea breeze
It is just off the new freeway bit....
So access is simple
( she says... who follows green road signs & wings the rest LOL 
But I have driven many many km in last decade.... mostly alone & never knowing often quite how to get there....part of that adventure...)

I know Karen will have the finer details...

I hope you can all still come .....?????
as of last night 
we were overfilled but I can handle that little extra so .... but still keeping it intimate & another relaxed day...
For those who came last time....
Tell me more stencils ?????
Frames again ????
the rest I know I am certain about
Again Karen will be making some announcement to all on her list
please add your name if you want to come as we may have a cancellation which would mean you might be lucky....!!!!! 

I rather like this date even better..... 
And now it will be wandering about in my mind all the things...
I want us to play with....
all those christmas stuff....

So very exciting...
Barb xxxx

Saturday, August 23, 2014

WORKSHOPPING & the Up & Coming Christmas Playtime

For people who are wondering this is some of the freedom style we got up to last Saturday 
Begin with a lady button or two maybe... garden style Jardin theme add a wheelbarrow
Or take the woman shopping in Paris...
Shoes & parasol change the theme ..
Same background...
It's a fun thing

From yesterday's announcement we had 16 on the list bedtime !
30 is the cut off to play...

FRANCE is next for some buttons LOL
My sweet friend in France,  Marie-Claude will have a booth at
Saint aux Mines Quilt Show in late September...
Google the above & it will give you dates ( I hope )
So if you are going, please pop in to see Marie-Claude 
I will get more details from her soon....

Down Sunshine Lane has a box of button stories & buttons flying to her site 
So pop over to her website & see, if you are staring long & hard at my creations & wondering...
Amy is doing a retreat in October.
She is also stocking Sara's my Italian designer friend's cross stitches... yum ...things that someties use my buttons.

Me I am painting... for Saint aux mines today & tomorrow....maybe Monday also.
Slow I am ,careful &  ....whatever

Friday, August 22, 2014

Christmas Workshop Date DEC 6th 2014
Venue will be known next week...
How exciting this is along lines of last weekend's workshop with  a Christmas twist..

 How that will pan out is in my melting pot..
I am thinking mache box again but Christmas theme......I'll bring the bling if you are bold to try
I am thinking mini snowman.... tweeny gift bag.......bon bon & tags with a bit difference ...
paints, stamps, stencils again....but with different stuff...
If you did last week this will follow on not repeat exactly what was done but we will keep elements of the techniques etc..
Plus you will now know what else to bring along to work on if you want....
names to Karen at Mrs Martins Quilt shop.. ( see side bar )
These pics will get us all into the spirit....

It's Friday Already !!!

I cannot be certain that it is Friday....!!! ???
the week has flown by.

At least the light shifts in the sky and my mornings also arrive much sooner..

The twig tree.....
Great colour & I will add it to the website store
This sample was a little purse affair ..
sits well .... 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Morning All

As the weekend events fade just a little I am loving more  pictures from the workshop
These that I know of are on the side bar now

MRS MARTIN & myself have had 
a very exciting conversation 
are busy planning things to happen soon !!!

Thank you each one who did  contribute to this wonderful day!

Thank you for the comments and emails.. 
they warmed my heart.

... for me 

It was a catalyst 
that as I drove in the fog to find the school in the morning 
I had no idea or set of expectations 
of what the day would bring..
So no QLD for now anyway.... 
a move closer into the city is planned
More workshops with Karen 
( Mrs Martin's Quiltshop )

I have thoughts and way too many projects for a Christmas one already....
along the same feel..... as Saturday 
creating ..
being embraced by the spirit of creativity

I figure we need more 
feel good things in our lives 
and to mingle with people 
who just love to be with 
other creative people.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

French Rabbit in Le Jardin Button Story

I am surrounded by French Rabbits.... !
In the post yesterday the French Rabbit dans le Jardin arrived stitched from Jenny in New Zealand.
 THANKS Jenny !!!
So he now waiting to be made into a sample when we go out again.
I updated the web second picture if you want to see all this stitching

I must say the first signs of spring are appearing..
A time of renewal for me 
Just like the dormant deciduous trees
I come to life with new growth & blossoms
The blackbird sings first light of the day now
I love that too.
The morning creeps in sooner I can hopefully shrug off that awful winter coat, this winter it was very heavy...must have got damp & cold & heavy during the rain spell.

We'll see what the world shall bring today ... lol

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Workshop with Mrs Martins Quilt shop

Wow !!!! where do I begin ????
The workshop was fantastic....!!! 
I had the best time...
Watching each creative spirit rise to the surface 
& make it's way onto painted finishes with the aid of layering with stamps & buttons & stuff  was such a reward!
It was a technique & ideas day.... 
 I was so thrilled at the responses....
I know everyone will now look at the world a wee bit different !
I will...

Karen who is Mrs Martin's Quilt shop acquired this fab space in Ringwood at Tintern School.... with some assistance from Kerry..
It was a great great space, clean, warm, kitchen etc etc.
Karen began our day by serving up morning tea....
She not only makes quilts !!!
We eased into the day as the arrival of people..leisurely strolls  along the selling table & the workshop ideas table 
 We painted & got the feel of paint on the brush & on paper...
Then from our sample bags came a small paper mache box to paint, then a canvas frame...some buttons to use...
After lunch we all ventured outside to do some spraying over stencils & onto a piece of calico.
 What I wanted from this day did happen....
& from what the women said as they left or emailed later
It was a day of creativity.....
Friendly as we all mingled at the stamping table & after at the stencil spraying...
I watched clusters of people chatting as they stood watching or just resting.
The day was casual yet gave time for each of us to ponder, to chat & to see what each had created... 
as well as eat cake ! 
Painting isn't a non messy look... 
so on each picture I took a lot of hands & cups with water & foiled plates with paints squeezed on....
but peer closely at the creations in progress.

One lady was having her birthday treat & now thinks this is a fab idea for a friend's birthday.
Lisa from Max & Louise Pattern company was there 
& this is  the venue where the Mrs Martin's Summer school will be held that Max & Louise run...with Mrs Martin
Leeanne from Petals &  Patches was also with us...
Maria reminded me that we had met, she thinks it would be 10 years ago with a Gathering that Attic Crafts held in Bendigo in the beautiful Greystanes building...
Much coming together...
Which is how Country Friends & I started & ran our Gatherings of Hearts & Hands so so many years ago in Canberra..
It was where people came alone often, as strangers & left making friends which I would guess some still keep in contact...???
One of my original Gathering favourite people & now friend, Joy smiles from the collage above..

I drove back after the day, just before the sun set.....
This next week will see me very busy as I have many orders now waiting...they arrive on the same days or come in one after each other.....
But what a great end to one week & a great beginning to this one.
To the wonderful people who came yesterday..  a big warmest Thank You from the bottom of my heart
You all warmed my soul.
If anyone would like me to get paints for them....
or reminded where I found things
Email me !!
Barb xx

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

That French Rabbit !

That French rabbit 
had bounced off to become 
redwork stitcheries for our Christmas
thanks to Alex beautiful stitching 
they are back bouncing about over joyed to be at last stitched.
Many a drawing sits for sometimes a long time before ever stitched.

There are several projects I have ideas for these guys & the soft words the French rabbit speaks around the embroideries adds to the pleasure ( I think, & yes I am biased !!! 
I drew the critters..)
Soon my lovelies
Can I remind you these are copyright Barbara Smith 2014

 Finishing off the final sample ideas for the weekend workshop in Melbourne on Saturday
This sort of  creativeness 
lights me up !!!
I love it.
I am getting very excited for the workshop....
We are going to have 
a BEST TIME !!!!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Have been having the best time

I have been getting a bit carried away painting some santas to take to the workshop on Saturday.
Bling & extras ....
It has been so long since I have taken this freedom to explore  & do a few add ons.
This was what I did all the time with wood santas...add ons.....
Much more to explore here.
It's fun.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

More Angels

Val emailed today to say she had found the angels quilt pattern last week & was going to make some of the Angels
Lucky for me she also sent me photos which I now have her permission to publish to show you all.
I rather like the fact that her cat Ruby is giving it the critical eye...
Anyone else out there done the quilt & pictures ????
Thanks to both Hazel & Val for bringing the angels back to my life.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Angel Quilt   
             Chance brought me to talk to Hazel this week as she was placing an order we chatted.
She told me that she had made my angel quilt some years ago.
I was amazed & said how I had given that to a lovely lady who had the general store in Calla Beach as i briefly came to rest there & the moisture in the house was too much too quickly.
Some things had to be stored until I could get proper transport back south.
The quilts such as this one was rather large & rather damp to touch...
I knew if it was stored for any length of time it would too have become mouldy..
So I offered it & it was so welcomed & would be passed on to her daughter.
So what I say is I do not own the sample now I do have the pattern of course. 

Hazel happily sent me this picture of her quilt from my design & has put it up for us all to admire

I remember designing this in Cohuna, one hot summer  

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Call Me Santa has been blinged too

Call Me Santa has had some sparkle treatment also..
He has 2 stars all sparkle to light up the grey suit...
Droplets of sparkle are on the edges of the tree & the cap trims have had a good dose of sparkle too !!!
He is added to the web as Christmas decoration  $20...
Copyright Barbara Smith

The Holly Santa decoration with the slim outer lines 
Big bushy bears & a sign on his coat..
Have had a sparkly snowflake added to his charm
$12.50 on the web ....
These are certainly going to lift any project they are stitched or stuck on as well as being hung from the Christmas TREEE !!!!!!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sparkling extreme now !!

Sparkling December Santa 
sparkling snow flakes..
This is a decoration santa or can be attached to a design with a stitch in the hanging spot.
He is on the web for $25.00

December Santa is doing some crazy dance around the studio..
As this santa design in 12cm 
is in 
White with overlay
Grey & sparkle
and now this the flakey one....!!
& buttons as well ...