Thursday, July 21, 2016

Riding the Night Sky

I think the santa & deer buttons look absolutely gorgeous in Marg's stitchery....flying through the night sky...

These buttons retail for $12.00
Santa sits back in the sleigh.....just waiting for the deers to take him riding  

Marg Is running a Christmas Day on the outskirts of Wodonga at the JOY BUS
Wow you will just love what is on offer for the day.... book with Marg soon as it is on
Saturday AUGUST 13th 2016 

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Today's bit of "work"

The web renovation continues...
I like the finished bits I have done in the Christmas, Santa & Flower categories....
It is a bit tedious ...scanning & loading up etc.... so I do it when I have product ready & the mood takes me  !

Baby Albino Bunny

These photos are taken from a distance with a camera that the lens is not as powerful
On the weekend I discovered the white little blob in the paddock across the road
was a white rabbit
I thought maybe a ring in but highly unlikely...
It has 2 siblings & parents that are brown

So stark white & it seems to be out from the blackberries more than the others..

Now I worry it will be rejected by the other siblings & parents
It certainly seems to enjoy itself out there whizzing about 
Makes my kitchen duties much more fun... as I spent time looking out for it or watching it 

Monday, July 18, 2016

Somethings from the weekend

As I finished painting for the day on Saturday...
I went about organising the work for the following day...
& piled up all the order things I still had to finish painting
Then I looked down at them on the trays ...
thought...amazing look !
These are the Bunting decorations....
More advanced now ...
 Only these to have the scalloped borders painted in red...
Then I will ease back a moment
before I paint the santa in the sleigh & his deer

This is another order that was on the ends of completion 
They are all dressed ready to leave me...

More just finished 
 What to they say "all in a Day's work"

Sunday, July 17, 2016

New Button Samplers

This morning began with a chilly frost...
So after breakfast I sat with some blank cards & some painted buttons..
I had to alter some of the button samplers as I had renewed things...
So instead of tramping over the same patch....
New Samplers were arranged...
These samplers don't need any stitching designs ...
But you can of course create your own story...with what is packaged ???
Imagine .. a stocking with these scenes or take one santa & just add a few bordering stitches..
repeat with the other santa   

This one is like a mixed bag of buttons.... tip them out...
You know how it goes ....LOL
Spread these out a bit & do little running stitches between each button....  grids 
Stitch some words maybe.... make some snowflake stitches  X with another X over it..
Or use each button for some separate projects 

 and it goes on.....
  and on.....LOL
Plus you get to save $4 on each sampler pack....
Good way to collect more for the money

So my way of cheering us a nasty world of upheaval, unhappiness & anger...
but we can sit quitely ....waiting for the storms to blow over & escape into some nicer space !

Saturday, July 16, 2016

It's A Santa !

Last week I loaded the blue version of Santa Jolly Santa decoration into the website
Realised the red one was missing...
So now he is there also.
The patches are etched tacked at the bottom of his coat..
stars ... tree ...heart are cut out on the patches

Friday, July 15, 2016

So Sad For France

I am lost for words of such horror in the world
The anger of these people .... the hate... the ugliness

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Flowers !!!

The other day I was painting in that freedom mode...let's  see if a red pot looks ok...
I love it.
Makes such a great change from the off white pots....

 I am working tonight....came in to key in an order....
this little flowerpot is going into Lil Blokes in Bendigo
So I now need to package another order... must dash

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

A little Red colour today

I have made more adjustments in decoration...
Keeping the popular Everyday Angel ...& Take me Santa with the deer pleading to go flying in the night sky with the rest of the reindeers
The Seasonal Santa with holly on both sides of a sash I really do like in the scalloped frame &
The December Santa also adds to the Santa  selections 
I am eager to try some in blue now.....or scalloped edges in white or the sepia...
Today there is talk of snow falling way down ..will it snow here in Bendigo... ??? maybe.
I must go to the post office now before snow sets in
Anni of Hatched & Patched is waiting for lots of the little deer story to go with her delightful bag ..

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Sunday Blues

I dismal, wet, extremely dull & cold day
I sat with some of this years & other years santas & the blue paint
I am happy with several blues

I also wanted to try some bright houses
The Village House finally has a proper etched is about 15 or more years since this house began ...

Thursday, July 7, 2016

More Christmas Blue

The santa has worn several coats
Red, Off white, Grey with sparkles & now he has a blue suit

Sometimes it is tricky to get the balance of colours in a more detailed design ...
I think he looks a bit overdone ???? One too many parties perhaps ???

I was to go to do a workshop in Warracknabeal on weekend 
but had a little health scare last weekend & have needed to cancel the workshop.
Stupid neck causes some stupid things occasionally......
I am very obliging when it gets huffy & don't drive long drives, stand for hours 
I have decided my workshop days are now over & same for events where I trade.

Not too big of an adjustment
I have given up entire careers more than once & I rarely did workshops or events any more
so I will get better at painting orders & drawing things !  

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Lorraine's quilt with 2 sets designs

My friend Lorraine used the 2 books she had 
Bless Them Stitchers & A year in The Country  
stitched & coloured in the designs then they became together in one quilt

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Marg Low's Creations & my decorations

I love this bunting....
Marg & I have been talking & I was sending over some new scalloped decorations & Marg thought a bunting would work well.
I love this with fabric ...some stitching & 3 of my decorations ...

Then Marg has made this small bag & look how many of the decorations fit beautifully on these bags

Friday, July 1, 2016

Into some Blues now

Copyright Barb Smith
My hand hovered over these decorations yesterday 
Paint brush wondering if it would dip into the blue
I was bored with painting red santas...yesterday.
So why not.
Oh I am pleased I did ...
This looks soft and for a white tree or some of the wire ones I have it would be perfect...
Wrap a gift in brown paper & tie this on
Make a bag, stocking anything  framed !!! how interesting that would be 

I really like this pair a variation on another one once...
But they seem such good friends, companions really
This looks good with the red scalloped frame

This morning before I came in here..
I posted them onto the web 
I am taking these away with me next weekend when I go to Warracknabeal.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

This Little Deer Story & Hatched and Patched Bag

The little deer story I did once apon a time 
.....and Anni ( of Hatched & Patched ) did a bag for the story.
 they had all the fun on the first day at the 
Sydney Quilt Show last week..

Anni told me the wonderful news late yesterday that the kits all sold out on the first day !!!

So contact Anni for the bag design.....
The deer story has trotted back to the website with such pride.
Thanks Anni & Pete !!!!  

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Just a few tags

 Just a few more tags have been done
I am loving it !
Then I hung them on the tree