Saturday, June 25, 2016

Display board

Getting ready to go away in a couple of weeks....
easily distracted it is called LOL

Thursday, June 23, 2016

some more pics of Craft Alive Bendigo

Sandra with her amazing array of cloth dolls
 people getting ready for the 3 days trading
 A little piece of Molly Bears Booth.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

A little blue paint

Many years ago I would often due a pale blue santa for the market stall...
It is of course not a traditional colour so only certain people would love these folk.
I did a pale blue for the Just Us buttons the other day...
I still love the look !

More blues
 Mostly blues...

  Blue Christmas Tree
 The Blue antique store
  3 little trees all in blue

Monday, June 20, 2016

Bonnie Sullivan of All Through The Night Workshop

Here is the smiling face that greeted me when I arrived to do the Workshop
Meet Bonnie Sullivan
Delightful, welcoming, generous & such a relaxed tutor
I along with the other participants were feeling very very fortunate to have this experience with a well known & talent designer.
Some of you may also have worked with her sister's stitcheries...Kathy Schmitz.
We were well entertained as we traced, Bonnie spoilt us with ironing on the wool pieces to the beautiful black wool felt.
We stitched & so the day went.
Thank you Bonnie for such an amazing day !!!

Alice was working hard after travelling in from Melbourne ...
Strolling the aisle is Angelos from Homespun 
who I have known since before Homespun began as he & Rick Rutherford worked together in Country Collections days...

My work !!!
This was the beautiful cushion we were creating from Bonnie's pattern designs
My camera is flicking the light back so the black background is not as good as it should be..
How cool is this ?
 Gifts with my project here...woolen flannels from Bonnies new range to look like wool & a wonderful variety of colours & motifs
Cards from Bonnie's collection of works ....
How lucky were we.... 
and Alice won a book  that was from both Bonnie's & her sister Kathy's  trip to France.

Thanks again Bonnie & best wishes for your wedding in Aus next week !!!!

Saturday, June 18, 2016


I was tossing up if I'd go to the show yesterday as the weather was so wet..
But got a grip & went...
These were some of quilts of Hope  I found not long after I browsed along

Interesting booth from Creswick... food & wine
 Jo's booth was looking lovely with lots of quilt designs to purchase 

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Display Time

I was talking to Sue Mc on the phone today & she was looking at these decorations on the blog & giving me some wonderful packaging / gift ideas..
So Sue... I have tried a couple  !!

I am not sure the cello is great, looks good in photo ....but tag gets too bulky to do 
Displayed in white chine looks the best !!

Here is the cello bag again....

I LOVE things in glass jars so found a spare one drifting about
The santa & holly is on a small white painted mache box...which Marg & I were talking over on the weekend 
white dish for display looks amazing again 
 Another jar display

 This was what I went for first & it & a cane small square basket didn't look much

Decoration Time

I have had a great painting time with the newer decoration designs....
Just love all I modified, except one, which will not & is not on here..
The 3 trees also looks super in off white with sparkle... it is on the website.

On my blog side bar you will see a acryllic painting of santa & snowman & here they are finally in a decoration in wood.
The kissing bird has been painted with some sepia showing now on the legs & inner circle & looks so much more amazing.
Some are not dedicated see them as you wish.

A batch are arriving in Marg Low's post today for her to continue to play with these in her designs...
So keep a watch for those at first release in Marg's Christmas workshops in Avonleighin July & Marg's Christmas workshop in August ....what a way to get this festive celebration under way.

Which brings me to the sad news in could that be so cruel & callous.?

Science would help be in the equation... these are not political or religious choices ...

Leaders everywhere need to lead without violence  & divide.. & competition 

Now that takes special people &  should we not expect that....?? 


Monday, June 13, 2016

Here is another of the Scalloped framed decorations

Many of the scalloped framed Christmas designs  are being incorporated into some wonderful 
designs  by Marg Low
We have had several discussions over the past few days ...
the pictures arrive in the in box !!

Friday the Craft Alive starts in Bendigo...
my class with Bonnie Sullivan is on not many sleeps now.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Val's A Day IN Paris Stitched Quilt

Val has stitched the Day in Paris stitcheries
made a lovely quilt in French General fabrics 
 a button on each panel  

Thanks Val for sharing your photos ...
Barb xxx

Saturday, June 11, 2016

harmony ..the Kissing Birds

The Kissing birds have got a lovely new scalloped frame & I am really happy with this look. 
The old border was a bit ???? 
Painted the scallop & the birds in off white
the legs & inner border are sepia ....

It works & I am eager to post one to Marg Low designs to see how it looks on her heart design she used the kissing birds in & the other heart was embroidery.
I thought I had a picture on file but I didn't  ( funny that )
No, I know there is a picture on the pinterest site ..on the Marg Low designs page & I reckon Marg will have it on her web or typepad 

It is up on the website with some other Christmas Decorations...and in the specials are a few other things.

Thanks for the comments .....I am so pleased you are Christmas people too !!!! & loved the kangaroo show....
Barb xx

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

I Know it is early

I know it is early...
seriously this is how it works...
No good thinking about designing for Christmas in October
The gap when design to production comes in early
As if I care I love Christmas 
I have been doing this now for some years...

This tray table is tucked in a corner & is perfectly positioned 
to add things
& turn the lights on for photograph

What I love is the 3 trees..see in bottom picture ...a little can been seen.
I felt with the thinner frame of last year it was kind of clunky
Now it fits...

They'll go to the website in the next day or so....

Bit of a scrap over the road

What I see from my kitchen window at times adds such interest to traffic ....going by
I looked out the window as I walked into my kitchen & thought what are 2 men doing out there with kangaroos around...
I realised it was 2 kangaroos shaping up for a fight.
So raced off to get my camera 
 Amazing ....

Sunday, June 5, 2016


I am a bit pleased that I think I have now found my way back with collages....
I used Be funky which is good & finally found where I saved the 2 collages too.

Change with technology annoys me to some extent....
seems to be so much over complication & over burdening a design system
then things just clunk nothing runs simply.

Taking that & several other things I was critical in the general market place...
I am always bought back to my own presentations 
 I always make the excuse it is limited to my ability....& funds....
I will say I do the best I can with what I have available or what I think is worthwhile.
Every now & then my website needs a clean up & a tidy up.
This program doesn't have the ability for me to shift stuff about without delete & that needs a bit of preparation...before I go in there like a bull in a china shop.

Programs always have limits to what can be achieved ....and function is a prime thought.
So I have been slowly twirling a few buttons in the air....see what lands where...

Friday, June 3, 2016

Been a WeIRdkind of day

Been weird day but the week has been kind of weird !!!
So I carried on with weird & explored this Vintage green on the bunny family & lollipop trees..
Rather like
The blue bird went deeper in tone 
The day progressed, things got fixed....things were dealt with....

Now Paris is very very wet.......
Germany too.....where there have been deaths from flooding
 we have many warnings for a wet wet weekend.

Stay safe everyone

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

I draw & have these made into buttons & decorations...I paint ..& play to make stories

These samplers are now in a frame...
I would not go so far to sat they are "framed"
But I see them as I work 
Little stories made up from the mind & a few buttons....
I don't like strict this sort of thing pleases me the most.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Was she always a Christmas Junkie ????

In the days this was seen in my home in Canberra,
It was the height of Country Decorating 
a large group were often about & some of the market collecting was full on 
This display was done for Country Collections magazine....small pieces of it would have been taken to photograph.
I see things from various friends at the time 
Santa with goose was from Country Friends ...Sue Mc owned the long santa heads, cinnamon buttons my brother was making for me....I loved cinnamon buttons
The brown coated santa was my Bush Santa design
others I cannot recall

The where to sit LOL
This may have been another Christmas went on each year from Sept I began...
I see some cloth santas were mine...a few wood hanging santas from My Christmas Journey book..
Other painted wood pieces from other folk artists at the time 

It makes me shudder now at the clutter it was, but back when it was the seeds of Christmas sprouting everywhere & it was what was depicted in other magazines ..

Now .....
A bit more serenity !!!  

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Modifications ....

I trialled 2 of the Christmas decorations with new borders...
When I began to do the oval Christmas Decorations...many years ago now
I had a nice tight scalloped border
Then into the larger round decorations
 & some other round thickish borders with often inside wavy borders...
then I did some & modify others to the thin border 
Now ....LOL
I am invigorated once again...with this modification

Which costs a little more to be cut & has increased the overall size....
I LOVE THEM .... !
more will now be modified

 I had assembled this white tree a few days ago to decorate ...
& so these do this beautifully

See my problem which colour ways do I offer.
I would like to have the 3 as a set....