Sunday, September 21, 2014

Some one tell me when it is Christmas

Something tells me I love Christmas preparation time....
Ideas keep whizzing by me as I paint for the 
Day of Play in November
at Baxter...
It will be so so much buzz....
I decided that a few more lovely people will be absolutely right to share this time I can give
Luckily Karen thinks along the same lines...
That it is Christmas & we create & we walk back to the first workshop we did in August
move a bit more into some Christmas..
Won't saturate you ...with Christmas
But it will be very much about...
So I think Karen said we still have some space left in the newly allocated spots..
Just come... book in with Karen at Mrs Martins Quilt shop...
scroll back a few posts for the email address.
Now the picture is a few of the things I have been working on this week...
Including some photographs that are going to put into the 
French Magazine for October release...
I love those emails that just cruise in from an unexpected place....
just send me again soaring with delight...
Anyway..going to do a little blog on the other blog of mine
& then
I paint some more....

Saturday, September 20, 2014

newish stuff

Batch of Cats have new colours..
I was pulling some shape out to work on for an order & these were in the same stock box...meowing loudly..
So these were the first things for that day
I love them
I will place them on the website when I have my next paint break
copyright Barbara Smith
 Pere Noel large...
I like to strand santas...for decorating
I only got these 3 in to see...
Finally they are painted & I see that I love them
More to come in when I order them & place on the web
 I was packaging this order late last week & could not figure out why they looked so great.
I had painted the stockings red & this package now takes on a stronger look
Love IT !!!!
They got changed on the web straight away... 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Happy Colours

In a recent post I was talking about these stronger colours I wanted to try
If there was any fabric in this sort of colouring.
I had the paints
I tried them on these bird shapes...
Then a little on some taupe linen/cotton mix 
It all works!!
The fabric I found on Sunday while 
out & about
Vibrant but not glitzy...
Strength in the colour 
I had the new stamp from Mornington on the taupe fabric
& star was on top of tree...
just thinking for the Christmas workshop at Baxter thoughts
The other buttons landed there by chance 
it all works !!!
It is exciting when one colour or thing leads me along to many other ways of looking at stuff.
Now I mentioned re 
the workshop in Novemeber in Baxter
We are taking some more for the class... 
I had a think
On the drive on Sunday...
It is Christmas 
we will share with some more 
& have a grander day than planned...

I spoke with Karen yesterday
we are all good for it!!!
So email Karen ( see last post )
If you want to join us....
all the loveliest people are coming...
If you want to come by yourself, please do, it will be a warm  embracing feel...
this is part of what I believe 
we can all arrive alone & leave as friends.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Monday began ....

First I almost forgot
There are a couple more SPACES
 for the 
Check at
Monday began with these wonderful words from Julia
She has given me permission to quote her ...
"Dear Barb,
 Thankyou so much! 
You have no idea how your fame is spreading.
 I was at my Friday afternoon sewing group and your name in relationship to these workshops came up.
 A lady who is a regular attendee RAVED about you and these workshops. 
I could only agree with her; not about the workshops but about you. 
And I haven’t even met you yet!
 I have emailed Karen pronto so hope I may get in. 
Cheerio for now, Julia"

So ... I am more & more excited about the workshop & have been gathering the things we need for the bag to work with sorry..
As I did some chores after posting the weekend's work yesterday...
I walked through Office Works after the bank...
For some sticky essential packing thing
I walk away after buying a desk/table with a drawer wide & slim..
in white
for my new paint table.
I a very excited.
I do gather the frames we will need for the workshop & more bon bons frames 
Then circle the work....

A few phones calls back & forth...
I settle late in the afternoon to work..
Most of this finished stuff has been put in the post yesterday.
More to keep me here today LOL

Saturday, September 13, 2014

The old LE JARDIN quilt

This sits on a couch near where I work, folded over I could just gaze on & off in my painting breaks to the flowers & just the way it looked. 
 I thought it is rather lovely in the strong base design....
being of the ego minded LOL
I have a very hard inner critic
 It has the freshness in the fabrics chosen of spring...
I designed this also while living in Cohuna...2nd time...!
As they said in Something More by Sara Ban Breathnach 
 I was repotting my life..
Of which I a doing now...
Not sure what size pot or the colour to suit me... or where it will be set down...
To face the morning sun is to be sure....
 A little red was added for strength....
I love that strength in colour that draws one's eye away from any overall blunders to be pleasing overall..
to let one settle on a piece to gaze & day dream..ponder..
 These were the other bits...
I can sew to my friends... is just... I don't like the discipline that sometimes carries over in different times of this business....
painting is freer for me... 
the colours glide over whatever I am doing....
I am of course more confident with the brush because I paint most every day & have done for over 20 years now...
My business ventures began in the early 90's 
So I am not new to the view, 
ut the view constantly changes...
What I get a huge buzz from is the art and creativity of doing business
The days when it all works...
the days when I can weep over things gone array...
overwhelmed to catch the last gasp of natural light as the work accummulates
the days I punch the air ... unobserved I might say..when something works 
a fab opportunity arrives unexpectantly

Chance is always a constant travelling friend of mine
as is being morally fair...
I was never raised in an actual christian faith but heck I have some good ethics & morals that are not always displayed by some who have been educated in this field...
I thank & at times curse the faith of my Irish quaker great grandmother Dorothea..
She sure passed that on down the line.
to think my mother & her siblings were forced to read nothing but the bible on Sundays & attend church twice a day...
No knitting... no dancing...
So where did I come from ??? LOL

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Have a grin

These designs from my book Bless Them Stitchers of 2000 are frequently copied & have been cleared to do this only...
Each time I check that nothing is being downloaded that should not be....
I often spot this picture
I have to grin...
The story behind this drawing...
So I thought I'd share my mirth...

The garden seating & shubbery was where it began 
as I sat in Mackay Gardens I think it was called in Canberra waiting for my appointments with a peridontist...
subsequent bad news that my gum needed to be cut & stitched as the ligament that held the tooth was damaged.. 
while I sat upright & awake in the chair

I draw when I wait 
I think I did a lot of my following Christmas book in this waiting spot
Drawing removes me a little from any waiting 
if it is acute stress I let it take me further...
it is often an illusion I am calm..... 
I present this form an early learned behaviour ..
it's my favourite default mode....
Just before I bolt LOL

I love cats so these puss cats came in as did apple trees & big happy flowers
I am sitting tense see how I hold at the base of the spine...
Drawings reflect the person who draws them....
It turned out a pretty story to stitch...
This was in the era I was also able to give up smoking !!!!
I was very addicted to cigarettes but 7 days with stitches in gum gave me a great reason to halt that smoking I had done for over 30 years....

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Bits of bling

 Bits of bling 
This was a little play work before it got super busy..
I love the mannequins...I often used these as brooches or wrapping ribbon around or at the workshop..
making a story about sewing 

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Stencil & display

Some of the people from the August workshop..
May identify with this stencil..
I forgot to mention on the day that this was sitting on the table ??? I think ??? LOL
used that technique on a canvas frame..

I used it in the display I took to Monbulk in March
I am now rather attached to it.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

I wasn't looking for these

What a day it began as..... things piled up, things lost & no solutions in sight...
So these days always give me some thinking time to resolve what bothers me in my work place...
I did get through a big order...while doing this thinking.
Then I did a lovely short stroll just after lunch in the bushland behind me...
The wattles were all but spent & the egg & bacon's tiny flowers glowed almost in their brilliant yellow & brown ..

I had settled back into painting when the doorbell rang...
Surprise one of my lovely old school friends was beaming there...
What a lovely treat & I promptly put my brushes away
The angels in this picture or 3 are from that Angel Quilt.....
My original fabric colours
I was fossicking about looking for something else...
But there you go....found something equally as interesting.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Travels with Millie & Shez

GISBORNE Quilt Shop has Moved to Prince Street & has knitting also.
Thanks Jillby for letting us know !!
Pop over to see how Shez has used Travels with Millie stitchery gorgeous
Thanks Shez !!!!
See side bar for Shez's blog too....

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Weekend's Treasures

Some of the treasures I found at the weekend.
New stamp from that wonderfully huge scrapbook store in Mornington....also some washi tapes & more of the spray inks & a mache heart
getting ready with some supplies for the workshop in Novemeber

Today I have also delivered an image to have a stamp made to use on our workshop day..
Hope it works as I am a bit of a novice in this... although have done it before a few times, but been a while.  We'll see !

Some gorgeous linens I found at Treetree quilt shop in Mornington
felt from Busy Bee at Baxter & ??? who knows just small supply things
Oh yes & a couple of miniature white christmas trees & wreath of Tim Holtz which will be very useful for displays....
I am super busy with Christmas right now.....many santas are coming & going...

In this photo also, is a twiggy tree with crow outside Mornington Plaza was too good a shot to pass up.....

Now this is something else one is thrown to deal with from "China"

"Dear Sirs,
Our company based in chinese office, our company has submitted the "theodoracleave" as CN(.cn/ domain name and Internet Keyword, we are waiting for Mr. Jim's approval. We think this name is very important for our products in Chinese market. Even though Mr. Jim advises us to change another name, we will persist in this name.
Best regards

Jiang zhihai "

Talk about creepy behaviour they would take the fillings from one's teeth..maybe I could send my bills to them....Maybe I will

Monday, September 1, 2014

Look what I found

Yesterday I was in Mornington 
shop was closed.
But it was opened today
On my journey home..
I made the trip there especially...
as I had seen way too much from the windows

It is rather a lovely fresh shop...
With warm people living there !
Some wonderful fabrics 
especially linens & some other soft stuff that I need to buy a little piece of.

Friday I called into Baxter Sewing Bee shop which I  lovely & the people were lovely warm folk...
I had to buy some more delicious felt there...
Then it was onto Cowes
& a Sunny weekend was that nice !!!

I called into Gisborne today with intentions to see what linens were in the quilt shop..
But Quilt shop was gone ????
I asked but person didn't know...
So then I went into Kyneton to see Echidna 
So that was that I drove on home...

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Gearing into the real Spirit of Christmas

I love christmas & now it is full on here...
So many santa buttons are being delicately painted as well as ... more snowmen & etc...

I wanted to pop by on way to work with a little thought that can be bringing you to the Christmas Workshop in Baxter.....
for the people who have booked ...start counting sleeps

Monday, August 25, 2014



Which is fantastically close to a sea breeze
It is just off the new freeway bit....
So access is simple
( she says... who follows green road signs & wings the rest LOL 
But I have driven many many km in last decade.... mostly alone & never knowing often quite how to get there....part of that adventure...)

I know Karen will have the finer details...

I hope you can all still come .....?????
as of last night 
we were overfilled but I can handle that little extra so .... but still keeping it intimate & another relaxed day...
For those who came last time....
Tell me more stencils ?????
Frames again ????
the rest I know I am certain about
Again Karen will be making some announcement to all on her list
please add your name if you want to come as we may have a cancellation which would mean you might be lucky....!!!!! 

I rather like this date even better..... 
And now it will be wandering about in my mind all the things...
I want us to play with....
all those christmas stuff....

So very exciting...
Barb xxxx

Saturday, August 23, 2014

WORKSHOPPING & the Up & Coming Christmas Playtime

For people who are wondering this is some of the freedom style we got up to last Saturday 
Begin with a lady button or two maybe... garden style Jardin theme add a wheelbarrow
Or take the woman shopping in Paris...
Shoes & parasol change the theme ..
Same background...
It's a fun thing

From yesterday's announcement we had 16 on the list bedtime !
30 is the cut off to play...

FRANCE is next for some buttons LOL
My sweet friend in France,  Marie-Claude will have a booth at
Saint aux Mines Quilt Show in late September...
Google the above & it will give you dates ( I hope )
So if you are going, please pop in to see Marie-Claude 
I will get more details from her soon....

Down Sunshine Lane has a box of button stories & buttons flying to her site 
So pop over to her website & see, if you are staring long & hard at my creations & wondering...
Amy is doing a retreat in October.
She is also stocking Sara's my Italian designer friend's cross stitches... yum ...things that someties use my buttons.

Me I am painting... for Saint aux mines today & tomorrow....maybe Monday also.
Slow I am ,careful &  ....whatever