workshop images

workshop images

Saturday, April 30, 2016

LIFE PAUSES......I nearly got wiped out this morning

I set off for a little walk with my new ped monitor on to record the steps...
had a lovely wander from one side of the city to a shop..... where I found some interesting things in the scrapbook area.....these are in top right of collage.
I meandered back to the car via Organise My in Bath Lane....
in through Olive Birch & zipped into the chemist shop to check on books I could see..
such restraint...
To the car.

Coming home I needed a couple of extra foods for my newly committed diet.. stopped off at a supermarket en route...
I am driving on
the last kind of secondary back st before I reach my long parade...
when around the corner fishtails fast as .......a darn ute.....white was it silver
It is odd you know, when this car could come straight at you, 
turn side ways & ditto 
flip & fly on top... 
The zig zag continues & I basically draw to a halt 
finally he who is "DRIVING this UTE  
gets it back under control 
I see his blonde heavy curls & fat roundish face...
I could have biffed him.... probably would have done a good impersonation of the old fish monger wife & coloured the sedate air of Bendigo !!! if he has stopped.

There is quite a strong element of the idiot factor around here in this city that has failed in maybe last year to be clipped into line.....
Someone bred them ....
I get so angry
As I had some of my youth removed from just a 35 MPH bang into another car ...
& no I was not driving.....


Do I feel better now....slightly LOL

I came in & circled the unit a few times then set to cutting up veges into storage  containers ....and then painted...
These were my things....

Corrinne is a button but here I had her cut 30 cm tall....
I will put her into a frame ....
to accompany the HUGE Believe Sign I had bought a while ago to 
all fit into my bedroom

Now I really must get back to the orders....some have begun to be painted...
lunch interrupted ....

Friday, April 29, 2016

A Burst of Colour

These cats.... were ordered by a quilt shop owner who said
I love these cats...
I don't really like cats...
I love these...

This isn't the first time those cats wheedle their way into unexpected spots

A little more progress today...apart from thos cats...
spotty elephants, flowerpots bursting with bright coloured flowers....pastel flowers in barrow ..village streets...
Holly & a robin.... 

Monday, April 25, 2016

I had Company....

 My sometimes visitor....
He loitered about for a majority of the day...
as he was home alone...

At this time of year he loves to sit in the sun in my back patio garden....roll about in the sun.
I tell you it looks like bliss !
I often take my lunch outside in this weather & well ...I am out there sharing his space..
The occasional meow as he rolls about..

Later in the afternoon he came in when I was working & wanted to sit in the boxes with paint ordes to do...because they were in a sunny spot....
So moved these & he slept.
I began to pull some big button orders while he slept...
Walked off to do something & when I came back I found this !!!

He rarely sleeps on my couch....
the body language says he is not sure he should be there in pics one & two...
Then as time went buy he knew it was ok & that sun just lulled him !
Later as the sun faded I took him home & fed him...he happily followed ready to be back in his own space !

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Where is that double ???

On Friday my neighbour who knows me quite well,
told me she had seen me at the Butterfly Nursery in Castlemaine...
She & a friend had gone for a coffee & look at some plants,
She walked into the cafe & there I was.
She smiled & when this person smiled back is when she realised it wasn't me !
Even her friend asked was that me....

Funny I was tossing up whether to go to Castlemaine to the bookshop on Friday afternoon, but thought it was too late when I kind of thought I'd go.

As a teenager I was accused more than once snubbing people at a dance in Echuca  & some had trouble believing that it wasn't me because I was in Swanhill.....

There are a few other tidbits .... ?   
It is possible it is a cousin I've never met......
So if you see me about please ask the mistaken identity her name !!!
On Friday morning I was in a newsagent in town & the owner & I were chatting re the adult colouring books & she was saying that she gives some to the aged care homes  as the dementia patients love them..
Sometimes they colour in several colours & on other days one lady colours in one colour....
I love this !!!
Relaying this to another friend in the afternoon, she was saying how someone she knows just makes the amazing colourings & calms under a lot of duress....

So as I get it as it is what I do most days with my paints & buttons & decorations....
I am so thrilled this is happening in the broader world...

I was trying to put some order about this afternoon 
as I sorted frames out I came across the saying I had taken from a magazine...
so it floats about ...
But it really is about this workshop..".if you don't get lost etc etc"

 Few bits to still sort out..things are laid out ....

 See I was putting things away & as I pulled the packaging from this stencil & had a bit of felt that needed to be put away...
I said to me....
I wonder ?

Stencil & the spray in on the felt & my it is very useful...turned out well

Yes still Christmas around here LOL

Nothing non Christmas in this batch I painted this week..
I love them always to paint as they are so happy.....

Friday, April 22, 2016

Axedale last Saturday

Last Saturday I popped out to the Cohuna Quilting groups retreat at Axedale.
I found many busy sewing pieces of fabric together , made purses & cushions & just such a hum of activity.
I was chatting to Ann & she was telling me more about the Cubby House quilting retreat held in Cohuna each year, about June I think she said....
This year a couple of the tutors I recall coming are Gloria Loughman & Gail Pan
but there are at least 6 classes available with different tutors.
It has been a successful retreat for many many years now
this Aust Day they were locally awarded for their contributions...
These events bring in around 100    to 150 people into small communities 
where accommodation is sought, business of all sorts increase their day's takings, it gives a focus for many...
people learn skills, communicate & meet new friends....& have fun.
These things are such a broad brush stroke where ever they are held. 
This quilt is one my 3rd cousin Norma is working on with fabric & felt.
She is so skilled in quilting & embroidery....
Norma & I have had a couple of chit chats recently where I have found her working on a quilt....
about our past & who & where we are related ..
We always knew we were vaguely related ..... but now with history at our fingertips we are joining so many dots...
I researched some more of her Grandparents side ( my great grandparents's side  )
& found 
Another ? of their sisters who married a Robins from Echuca & was widowed 4 years later, her husband never came home from France....
Bit by bit little pieces start to fit into gaps....
Just like the way we piece fabric & stitch a story   
 Both Lorraine & Norma were embarking on the sets of stitcheries that are for free on my blog for personal use... 
Lorraine has the books & had traced it all ready to stitch at the retreat...& sew into a quilt.
Norma was pondering what to make her stitcheries into... a book ..

How amazing the designs are comfortable in so so many ways

Pat tells me her quilt from these designs was given to a very ill woman who loves the quilt & she, on her bad days wraps herself in the quilt.

It reminded me many years ago at Attic Crafts a customer told me that the Bless Them Stitchers was made into a quilt for an ill friend & she also loved the quilt that each of her friends & Dr had stitched a panel each & she would pat it.

These are rewards we get from our design work 
& by chance we hear the wonderful part we play in the comfort ...drives me forward really .
 Just before I left the Axedale retreat ..Pat had been sewing this design as a cushion & I could only see the inside ..finally it was turned to right side & pressed just as I was about to walk quickly took a picture.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Buttons are Featured in French Magic Patch Magazine

From the Shopping section  in MAGIC PATCH magazine
being featured on behalf on De Mere en Fille in France.
Thank You Noemie  !!!!

This is the closer up look..
Fleurs sign with robin bird & 2 red flowers
Vase of pastel flowers
Bag of Red flowers
Black bird in the rose pot !

Working on samples in spare time

I have popped back because i meant to mention
Designs by Fee has used the vase of flowers button on  a lovely framed stitchery
here on my side bar
Gudrun in Sweden has stitched & made another of the Day in Paris ladies
In my spare time I have mapped out some sampler boards...
Seeing how they work
I am eager to settle into this soon..
But in the while it is a fun idea with buttons...?

Tuesday, April 19, 2016


NOW...just look at this building....
where the AQC was held....
Those doors are so amazing ....tall as.....

I was struck yesterday at how lovely connections are
I go to the Quilt and other creative shows to be amongst my tribe of creativity
 people who are there who also love it all under one roof.
I was working in the industry when the craft shows arrived in Queanbeyan & then Canberra..
To browse my way up & down the aisles was a treat !!!!
Still is LOL !!!! 

Out of these days come connections
I had a beautiful hour as I waited for the exhibition to open speaking with one, then another & another joined the table to drink our coffees...
The conversations that flowed were so energising, interesting & just people connecting.
As we all got up to queue to go in 2 things happened for me....
As we all said our fond goodbyes & said we may see each other again.
One lady began to sing the Vera Lynn 'We'll meet again" song
Then as I stepped away from the table I saw my friend Val...
How much magic was in that hour !!!

Inside of course i saw people I so rarely see except at events & we connect happy to see each other again.
I was at Marg's booth loitering at the back waiting to inspect some fabric when Marg said 
"These are "Barb's Buttons, she is here"
I do the shrinking violet act, as I am fundamentally shy...
The lady from the group separates & says
"I did a class with you in Berrima Patchwork "
Wow I said that is some years ago now about 16 before I moved to Victoria.
"We did a santa,& I still have it "
You know it thrills me to meet my customers or class people ...

Yesterday, I had parked up the edge of city in Bendigo 
& I walk ...
I was returning after buying some gorgeous artifical pink roses at Provincial Decor Living 
& was going back to the car with a slight think about going to Dymocks to see if I could find the Helen Garner book on her life....I was looking at it in Tim's in Melb & decided I'd get it later ...silly ! 
As I came around a corner...
I passed an customer & class person I had not seen for some years.
Greta I said..... she looked & I thought ohhh maybe it is not her...
But I said  "Barb from Woodcutter's Daughter "
So ... we crossed the road to the nearest cafe  & chattering all the way.
I so enjoyed the connecting again....& we'll meet up again soon.

It was the same late last week before I went to Melb phone rang late afternoon...
It was a friend who I run into at places & we will catch up ... she delighted me by saying I'll call by in about an hour...
her friend lived in the country & had the hotel there so we would see each other often then...
that arvo we just began where ever we did once before LOL

On Saturday I popped out to Axedale to see a couple of friends enjoyed a quilting retreat...
Many different connection layers we can always talk for hours
one that has been so interesting is a 3rd cousin....& we are connecting in  a stronger way...
I watch her stance at times & think 
I do that.... she mentions some thing I do..... & another ...
So we all link & I love it !
Enjoy my view of the building.  

Monday, April 18, 2016

I am out on a limb here

I am going out on a limb...not sure of how to approach this social issue 
Homelessness in Australia
It bothers me ...deeply...
it is such a hidden problem....
I cannot watch an animal on TV that has been rendered homeless... 
Humans, people....we so rarely see much written or had articles done on this massive problem that somehow has slipped off our collective radar.

I was reading the magazine Collective at lunch & reading of 
THE  Young Australian's of the year.
which I had seen at their award ceremony
I quote from this article
Australians are HOMELESS
These are people who have faced a myriad of complex issues and hardships, such as 
sudden job loss
domestic violence
family conflicts
mental health issues
the high cost of living."

These guys are doing one heck of an amazing job....
but we need so much more.
What can we do ???
It needs a positive solution, not small helps but HUGE HELPS

I have begun some small journey to start to raise this awareness...
I really, in all good consciousness cannot passively sit any longer
Have no idea on what I can do next 
so any ideas ....tell me ....
is a lot of human sadness  

Royal Exhibition Centre in Carlton Melb

Ask I walked from the carpark towards the building...
This beauty came into focussed 

The flower beds so beautifully tended 
Inspiration every where I looked

Then the fountain 
I wondered if my little camera would capture the water ..
Perfectly..well even better than I  imagined 

Taking in all the work in this fountain

How soft the water falls

Then I turned to face the building
The doors are so vast
It was such a fortunate journey

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Only today left for AQC

The quilt display ..I only took a few pictures as I was leaving
 Some very sweet cats
Things I purchased
 Marg Low has these wonderful wool felt rolls... 
& some tiny fat 1/8th just for my sample work I thought*
 From Anni's stall was the wonderful fabric panel & some dark cotton /linen & some happily coloured tape
Maze & Vale have so many things I want & I stand there for ages.
Decided on a sample pack to see how my buttons work on these colours
 and they do....nice effect !

Now today ,,I must paint...
Yesterday I wandered off to meet up with a couple of the Cohuna quilters at their retreat not far from here......
Friday was lunching with an old friend ....
Lazy autumn days..
so today ..
I have boxes of buttons waiting for paint !

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Just in case you are still toying with the idea to go to AQC

Hug & Kisses
 Anni Downes
 Anni Downes
 Marg Low
 Marg Low
 Anni Downes
Anni Downes
 Pete Downes
Marg Low

Friday, April 15, 2016

More Booths at AQC from yesterday

Helen of Hugs & Kisses
in front of her beautiful designs 
demonstrating the hexies 

Marg Low's stand from the side view
Marg & Jan working 

Gail Pan's booth was of many lovely quilts...
Gail was busy tinkering with the display when I came across her.. 

Maze  & Vale I love this work....
Screen printed fabric that are done by the creator of this booth 
 she has amazingly gorgeous quilts made with her screen printed fabrics

A delightfully different stall but it has so many pieces of screen printed linen/ cotton mix fabric
I'll show you later ...what i could not leave at the booths