Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Black Friday Sale is on Now

Black Friday Sale has begun and will continue until Tuesday.
Seeing I rarely know what day it is... thought we can have Friday any day !
Also the power is due out here on Friday for most of the day...
So I won't be hooked up to much !

The Christmas Decorations, Christmas Buttons, Everyday & Xmas Button boxes 
are reduced by 50%
This sits on my desk... so I look up to a happy scene !

This happy button card was loaded into the web last night, I do not tire of making these cards up.

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Buttons on cards ..more


I know I love doing these cards...
Post costs  prevents them for being boxed but imagine opening box after box & finding surprises ….
The cards allow me to draw stories & to create stories & recently stamping some …
it's all part of the creativity....
Only one of each card is available & they are great value for $.....

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Starting to Decorate

I am inspired....
I took 2 nights off ..last week...
Went away ….
It was very lovely...
Nothing in particular... just browsing here & there.
My cousin's farewell was a great...
Now I know that sounds just a bit blaze..
Simple service.... a wonderful colleague & friend talked & it rounded my cousin's life off so well.
Then the wake & the nursing folk he worked with for 39 years were the best....we as a family were sorry our cousin missed the party...he would have loved it !
If we look back too far we can see the sadness in that .
As people we need to be so aware 
too much disconnect, bullying,lack of empathy when things are not right for a person....sometimes a few extra thoughts could make a difference.
I don't know but I want to make something move forward for what happened....
We had a really fantastic farewell
One thing before I leave this …
We have one uncle left at 84...he is amazingly awesome..
He was the backbone... so proud of this man...

Days do wander on....
I came home determined to get my stuff in order...
to idea what...but I'll know exactly what needs to go when I come across it !
So I am cleaning... moving some furniture around... decorating …
all at the one time ! 


Sunday, November 11, 2018

I need a Distraction

 oohhhhhhh I am stretched about as far as I go....

An older cousin took his own life last weekend...
it is a sad event....
it is also long drawn out process...
Very little space for that emotion to sit ….
Tuesday he will go to rest . 
Perspective takes a while...
it is sad.

 I have this smell, sort of pervading stink in the corner of my new home in MY bedroom 
 I cannot locate it to eradicate it.
I have a high sense of smell... 
could have been a canary in a mine type of sense..

Lucky as I get to smell flowers & French perfume in a wonderful way.
It is Dad would stand with fridge door open & say " Something is OFF in here" and Mum would despair because her sense of smell was nowhere like that. 
He would taste butter in the same way... this is off, it's tainted...
I do the same...

PLUS I haven't settle into my new spaces yet, takes time...
Now I want to have this massive cull....not sure where that fits....but driving back yesterday I thought I am going to get into those sample & supply boxes & clear it out......

I just moved & I do clean & cull a lot these what will be done to warrant a cull I have no idea...but somehow I look forward to it..that process.
But one should not waste this turning point perhaps....
I have this urge to get out paper & pencil & streamline designing ….
Might not work of course....
but there is a shift in my thinking..
That I love & it's fun !
Maybe I will go to Christmas Shop & have a coffee 

The chest infection may well have finally some things are looking up.
I am not doing an event at end of November as previously planned.
So we have STUFF to play with.
Onto the website it is going.... slowish process.
Brooches are half done & these happy happy decorations will follow .

Isn't it so happy.!!!
I am thinking of a sale for this …
I'll wait until all is under control ( LOL) & send a newsletter & do a blog to tell you all.

Now to shower & sort out my day !!! LOL

Friday, November 9, 2018


I have made several brooches
at some stage today they will go on the website....
They do look rather sweet

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Enjoy Each Day

These star deer are super sizes ...I love them !

I love this design....
The robin in a pear tree....
Here I have used it as a tag on a small white box...
which could just hold homemade cookies ( but my box doesn't )

Well the week has been a different one with the sudden passing of  cousin and the flow on from such sad events.....
Today though I have decided to reflect on this in a different light....
 after a stupid night's sleep get back to making sense of my own world.
After the moving locations for me, which was just a month ago....and this, I think it is a sign ???
So ….. enjoy each day ….

Sunday, November 4, 2018

The Christmas Shop

 I love this display...

For now the picture tour of
Factory & Field Christmas Shop 
is done...
You need to come & discover the shop which is within a gift shop with coffee & cake shop
all  in a very big beautiful old butter factory
Days open are Fridays. Saturdays & Sundays  

Saturday, November 3, 2018

More of the Factory & Field Christmas Shop

I found a shopify website yesterday now cannot get the is on facebook so search for factory and field.

Okay more yummy things

This is a top shelf, always gaze up too
 mobile made from a wire star & baubles...looks amazing !!

I find it hard to resist wire baskets full of silver decorations

All Of the Christmas trees in the shop are decorated in different themes....

Love this display...
trees, bells, stars, sparkly leaves,
sparkly birds & I think I see the parrots....?

I need to do another post later …. to end this stroll.....

Friday, November 2, 2018


More Christmas goodies have arrived since my last camera shoot...
I'll do another post tomorrow with the remainder...

Love these gold trees

BIG Baskets of baubles are found in many places I looked

I have one of these trees now !!! They are so sweet...

Love this greenery & berries the colours are really something

Silver & white...includes these parrots that must have stayed too long near the Christmas glitter..
See all the gorgeous trees... and those angels

Thursday, November 1, 2018

In the Pink

Today has a touch of pink for buttons & decorations on the cards
$20....includes postage

Spring in Paris....
I can day dream !!!
 This is another of the new Xmas Box cards sets at $20.....great value

Monday, October 29, 2018

Christmas pockets & other things

I have added more Christmas pockets that include a small layout for the pocket...stitchery... & button.
There are 2 pockets per set....$10 includes postage
Make them on fabric & stitch ...add ribbons/ tape /twine to hang...or perhaps peg them in a row on string ?
make them in felt....nice wool blend felt...( Marg Low Designs sells a decent stash of colours & quality)
stitch the designs ...same as other with fabric...

Christmas Decorations have been carded as 4 just because !!! well they do look pretty $20 includes postage

Cello bags of decorations.... they have been mailed to a Bathurst... Anni Downes…
Anni is off to Houston for the Spring Quilt Market....
so is Lisa from Max & Louise....
It is a busy busy time to get that all ready & actually get on plane & go.

That reminded me, thinking of a conversation the other day with using You Tube to learn … wow I thought long way ...we have come.
Then I had another think....
You know when a high profile designer arrives at your local quilt store, to do a class with ( usually her ) 
her designs & her unique way of pulling it all together....and you know you get instruction from the designer right in front of can ask questions, make comments & generally enjoy the creative persons company.
Beats a you tube I would think...…
When I began we had so few designers...
one day designers ( Kindred Spirits ) arrived from USA & classes were offered & it was magic....just to be included in their world, surrounded by their delicious samples that we could actually touch...
Nothing has changed in respect to creative people who make the creative world sing in many ways...