Friday, September 4, 2015

I really am disappointed

I want to show you something 
& in particular 
the person who downloaded these images from my website on an USA server.

When I ask for not copying my work from my blog it is hopefully respected...
I ask because this is what happens .
I can read my stats
If you wish to order you can go to my website & do that...
If you wish to place it on Pinterest under your banner that is not ok.
Nor is keeping it stockpiled on your computer legal,  for future design ideas... 
I have seen some of the mangled messes of this in the past.

It makes it not much fun for everyone else ... who I wish to share my work with.
They respect my ask & thank you for all the ones who is a real sign of good character


Wednesday, September 2, 2015

You would think I have nothing much to do

Well here are my angels in largess form......these are Cleave Angel, Theodora Angel & primitive angel that I used for a booth at a show & later Marie-Claude in France purchased some for the St Aux Mines show...this was some years ago as I was living in Cohuna time before last so 5 years old maybe...
I might do some for this Christmas...???
 You'd think I had a day stretched before me with NOTHING to DO...
However this is my down time before I start the last boxes to pack.
This would have been a 5 or 6 years ago design lot too
I love doing this sort of decorating
From the Book
 Bless Them Stitchers  
First stitched for me by Leanne May in Toowoomba before she began to design her own patterns...
So sometime after 2000 when the book was released.
They are minis & so gorgeous.
Any of my stitcheries can be shrunk & with a fine hand stitched like this size...

I have closed off my orders to do before I move....I have no idea what I thought I was thinking to do this later...
orders can come on the web, as it is open all hours !!!!
I am going to do some days of a 25% off everything sale from now until after I get unpacked...
I will take the 25% off after your order has come through ..
So if you want to get that head start for it now & nothing will be charged until I get the stock up on the shelf... going into boxes today !
If you fancy these angels in large hanging size around that 12 cm size email me .... and they would also be included on the sale for $12

Monday, August 31, 2015


It is interesting to read about the way many Australian sewing / quilting/ stitching bloggers are meeting up.
Shez in her blog Enjoying Life is often taking to the road to meet up with her blog friends as they stitch & sew & shop their way through a weekend or 10 !
In yesterday's comments Maria is on a caravan trip from WA to Qld from what I quickly read on her blog...and she is meeting up with her blog friends in QLD
This is opening up a new world in our industry.....
the way of connecting...
Sewing circles when I began were much admired from what the Americans were doing in 1980's +
Now these sewing circles have broaden somewhat ...
where not always quilt shops being the destination for travellers of the quilting interests it is bloggers meeting each other & sharing. 

Who else is doing this ?

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Easily Distracted Today

I have sat down with my cup of tea & these were the completed orders today...
Proof I have been working LOL
Aren't they just the happiest bunch ?

 I did some off white socks again too
I love that contrast.
A small tree decked with the white ones & another with red.
Which now that says I need to get these into decoration mode also
 These had come off the web as I was doing something one day....& I forgot to pop them back on
The thread keepers, one is in stained only & the other has a red bird...

These are to stay on the blog moving them elsewhere...thank you for respecting me as the designer....
 Now the packing is to go back tooooooooooooooooooooo............
I am about 85% packed into the removalist things & I am just dragging the chain.....
I figure if I get all that complete by this afternoon.
I have some days ahead to feel totally free.
Few phone calls or internet changing things but I reckon I could manage that....
Make use of my down time to think on what else I want to do in the business....
Marg Low designs & I were having a conversation on the phone late yesterday, just chewing things business terms not our individual designs.
Think about life in general & write up some new directions & things I want to do....
That came about after an evening call where the values of life are brought into stronger focus....
So back to those boxes !  

Lavandula at Shepherds Flat

Yesterday morning I took to the road to arrive at one of my bliss spots, 
Lavandula Lavender Farm outside Hepburn Springs
The air had hints of spring...& I felt I could spare a few hours to visit with my camera one more time before I leave.
Gosh I was not disappointed, never is a wonderful farm.
I spotted the geese in the lavender beds.....& the camera was at the ready.
Look at that leader of the gaggle, she strode out with courage after some checking me out for safe passing first.
 Look at their faces 
Steeled strength.... apprehensive but determined ???

The roosters there were 3 of these chaps in their splendid colours,
mostly chasing the hens about...

I was in the car when I spotted the parrot on these twigs...
Twigs are some of my favourite things

The jonquils in this region are early risers for spring & driving in the country I see some in a field where an old farmhouse once was...
These were in the back garden in lavandula...
I gather fodder for future work.....
this is part of my observing..
I get to watch the way an animal/ bird  or flower is formed.....
then from that base I draw into a more simple form
This observing & photographing forms as much of my work as the pencil does.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Lovely surprise today

This morning I was trying to sort stuff outside & being cheeky to my neighbour thru the fence  when the doorbell rang... so out the front to find the parcel postie ..who is  a really nice guy.  My neighbour comes out for a parcel too.
This was my parcel a surprise beautiful work from Martine in Switzerland !!!! 
Wow there we some goodies inside also.
Martine was one of those wonderful stitchers .....

I nipped into the PO & on into town to get some meat & gluten free bread rolls for lunch as a friend was due in around noon......
After lunch we stacked her wagon with baskets & baskets & stuff...
It was so wonderful we were both so pleased.
I have more direction now...
Rang the removalist & renegotiated a couple more cartons...even better !

Walked the lake ... mowed the lawn... it must be feeling like spring. !

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Chaos comes to mind !

I find things as I sift through samples, fabric , dismantle display boards etc
I had tossed santa to travel in a box where I just shoved the pillows... & each time I would put a toe in that room his red cheery coat & absolute sweetness would give me some sort of hope in that  down stage.

 The days are now drawing in...
Yesterday was lunch with an old friend 
who introduced me to one of her granddaughters that she has known me since I was born because she is a year older.
I paused for a moment & thought that is true how amazing !
She will come to visit.....

 But I have to get there first !!!
I am so grateful for the cleaner who will follow me in once the goods are packed & gone....
and now I must do a newsletter & get into chaos this MORNING !!

Monday, August 24, 2015

My weekend paint time

These were laying on the table ready for the evening's work of packing into cello bags & other things
  I love the variety 
when I take the time to stop & look at a day's work etc..
there are 
santas, quilt houses, snowmen, 
studio thread keepers, giraffes, gateaus, 
angels, flowers
 This is this morning's work to complete the invoicing on this job
Parcel up the others for posting
And to the post office 
physio I am hoping.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Dusting things off

Now I'll put the pictures away LOL
They are packed up in a carton....

This was my very first profile in a magazine
Country ??? I cannot remember & it was my favourite of all magazines 
This was extremely exciting...
After the team arrived & I watched them styling the stuff I had .....photograph, the 2 project items
I waited 3 months before the magazine arrived ....
Then I was nervous...
Today being in this business for 19 years & 11 months...
it is always exciting...
but I have more of a handle on what it all means... 

This was the wood painting project I did for the magazine.
These were tall wall hanging FREEDOM women !!!
They became brooches also a little later..

 In later editions of the same magazine I was often asked to contribute to the Corner Store segment in the magazine
Here were some more of my wall hanging ladies that also became brooches & some were actually modelled on cloth doll designs.
On the left was Mulberrry who was a cloth doll called Ozier Bank
Isabella, Bridie & Briony 
Briony was also a cloth doll made first in a lovely soft flannel print..  

Helena was a very popular well as she is here as the wall hanging
In those days I did kits of the designs for people to paint.

 Still on the painting patterns I did this one a bit broader in the patterning.
This was the original scene that became a popular stitchery, there were wood pieces & of course simply cat was with me for many years, based on my lovely black cat Mishka,
Who was my constant companion in the garden & we did sometimes just walk & sometimes we talked... as one does with any cat....
This painting on a photo album was done by my dear friend Sue Cook who is a beautiful painter & now has exhibitions of different style of painting in Canberra...often another watercolour artist dear friend Nell Anderson will be exhibiting in the same venue at different times.
It will be so exciting to be able to attend their exhibitions again!!!

Then Sue Mc who is recovering from a big operation has promised a week where we 3 will go down to her beach house to paint....
Like stitching does today, painting draws us together too.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Packing uncovers things

I feel the chill of the morning in here today.....
It is odd here as often I look out the front & the road & field is fog laden,
come down to the back of the house & the hill behind & the fog isn't here.
Sit right on some weather path...
But soon, it will be will also be spring...when the blackbirds sing...
a couple of days ago I was in the cupboard, where folders are & I always inspect these because sometimes it's not for travelling.
I came across my profile folder of press stuff from past years.
and an old catalogue ....
I need to do this again with some press things... pop the pages here instead of the full magazine..
This was the very first magazine profile thing which was after our first booth at the Sydney Quilt show in 1996
Handmade magazine was a Packer magazine in those days & I was asked if the magazine could borrow the samples to photograph...
The one in the stripes was one of very first  designs from Theodora & Theodore cloth doll designs
The long skinny one was my favourite.....  

This was some years later when Country Threads had recently launched & I was in their 2nd edition.
I had styled the displays in  my Canberra home & the people  arrived for the photograph & talk &style where they needed to.
This was the little shift into a more primitive country look... all very exhilarating then.
 This was more in the magazine day from Country Threads.
I can see that Fiona from Cinnamon Country store was about from home  then as i have that gorgeous burgundy tin lamp that she had in her shop... which in another era I got to work in in Melbourne when I had moved there & she had opened her shop in Glen Iris

Thursday, August 20, 2015

A Little French today

Late last week my copy of Quilt Country came from Edi-Saxe magazines in France
with more of the SECRET GARDEN QUILT that Marie-Claude & I have participated in.
The Felt egg cup covers with buttons little design is looking very happy in the magazine also.

This is a French would need to translate...but believe me the pictures are wonderful
Cheri.... USA is featured in this one. 
She was a folk art painter who did cute people & things when I was full into the stuff...then she did some quilts in that gorgeous country style & they still are some of the best interesting designs...
She had fabric & it was names after her business
Now she does more divine quilts
 Here are the Egg Cups
Fast & simple designs & make for a happy start to the breakfast table

 More of the Secret Garden
 Nadine from France sent this overnight of one of the 
SECRET GARDEN DESIGNS I did for the Quilt Country magazine.
She has chosen colours for the stitching... 
the magazine sample was in redwork 
remember Nicole also from France had sent me a bag using this same design in redwork.
Nadine stitched my French Houses stitchery series The Country Cottage
This design was honouring Marie-Claude's mouse catching cat Mouchette.... in the spring garden

I always feel very fortunate to see my designs worked by the hands of others with their creative input to colours & little variations.
Some very fine stitchers also !!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Trip to Melbourne

 Monday I had some appointments in the city so drive to Melbourne...
mostly in the odd of late LOL.
met some friends 
Stayed at anothers 
ate out for dinner & lunch.
Lots of chatter & catch ups...
I also had a lovely 2 hours in Camberwell, absorbing the new fashions appearing in the stores
wandering in Kikki with all the chill out things I love to do...
They have some magic classes on Vision boards, mindfulness etc...which i plan to do once I have relocated....
On my way home I went to visit Doreen at Stitch'n'Patch in Lilydale
see how her samples of my stitchery  designs were was shaping up.
This is from the 
there are 9 gorgeous stitching designs in this pack for $18 + postage from me or call into the shop in Lilydale & be inspired the samples & fabric & threads& you will find the patterns & bucket loads of my buttons in there..

I just loved  the designed stitched in blue & light mustard... great combination 

I took my samples along to show....
Doreen had done this stitchery of the French Houses series
French Cat in Window
Barb who stitched my sample was given DMC221 thread to work in 
Doreen had a brighter red & on a different fabric texture..
She elaborated the flower stitchings to a buttonhole stitch 
so it gives such a different look to the same design
I love them both 

Rabbit in Le Jardin...
Stitchery from the Along the Garden Path collection of designs

Yes, this rabbit...he had to make a show of himself in amongst Doreen's flowers
He had been to Nicole's in France for my sample stitching & eaten all her lettuces 
Now happy as ???
In brighter colours on a white white linen type thread
Stitch'n'Patch sample

I could not resist taking this photo of the designs featured in my very first book in 199???
Simple Stitchings
Doreen has stitched these in redwork & still has some of the screen printed designs as you see here in her shop.
I did the screen prints some years after the book was sold out.
Fabulous little stitchery to work into many projects....
Tomorrow I have the next French Magazine features to show & tell
Must go move some boxes about...
twirl around  a few times
panic maybe

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Just Read this On ABC website

Selling these sample stuff things..these items may not be finished off into a think how you might be able to use them !!!
Very cheaply
$15 for this lot

This is a wood stocking 18 cm I think from memory
More for decorating purposed 
  This is a mache frame with the overlay fabric inside...
A little button story could be added to it
Postage on this would be light.....
still would go as parcel rate $7.45 Au & $18 Overseas
But all 3 of these would be able to travel for that tidy sum..
Just to give you an idea.
I'll pop them up later on web or if you desperately want them email me via the website & I'll talk re details after

Friday, August 14, 2015

on the some migratory bird

I will be moving to Canberra shortly...
It is like for me to return home as I spent most of my adult life there.
So that means that orders won't be process for some time.......
So order now.

Monday, August 10, 2015

I added more of the Button tags

More ...more ..more to add .
I had the best time preparing these tags....
Why had I not done this sooner ????
thanks Jules for your comments on the last batches...!

I went back to the tags in the afternoon as the first batch were selling fast...
it is totally what I love to do...
make picture stories

Be it that rabbit pushing the barrow in the first tag...
or the deer head with holly under it's head...stitched into a small little circle ..
the red bird can be for another little something...
So it goes on
Maybe this is something I should do always...