Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Hot Days & Button Card sets

Last evening I added these Button Cards sets to the website
All fresh off the table from yesterday

I am not sure how I have managed to stash so much 
But now I do paint for the cards as I go about my days, as I love the variety in making the cards look like a story.....
Bursting with great value $20 each card that is one only of each. 
Even more special perhaps

Monday, January 21, 2019



In this clean up I found these cards I had purchased for exactly this reason ….
The wearables

 These are wearables too but have not come on the website yet 

This picture is part of the design table...
& I am loving this board for show & tell
also the wire frame will be equally as useful
It is also nice to look up at when working...
Place my inspiration words & scenes there too...even has a hint of being organised ! 

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Maisons in Redwork

I shall confess I have been here in Befunky.com which is a photo editing and collage site I use

Just making a nice quilt from the 8 designs in the Maisons Postcards sets I spoke about yesterday
Add some perhaps white on white borders or reds that blend with your threads or coloured threads & well more colours for borders.

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Finding More Things

 In this cane basket more things !!!
I thought I'd post this again because a lot of Button Box cards have been off to all sorts of places...
Making a sampler can be one way to display the buttons.
This one is several small samplers just how you'd buy the button cards...
It is really fun to stitch and embellish ….

This sampler was my interpretation of Paris
Stencilled the fabric with a large stencil I purchased... spraying it with some sort of scrapbooking ink..that takes about 5 minutes on a summer day outside !

Then I sewed buttons added strips of fabric stitched ...generally it is free time.....wonderful play in being creative.

Finding Things !

Is it a good thing.... hot summer days 
finding things
I always knew I had them it was a matter of where...

One thing, I kept moving a bulk of Postcards as I moved the rooms about 
These are redwork stitcheries that I have now repackaged & resized so that 4 stitcheries go on an A4 sheet.
No instructions, just layout & postcards
$4.95 includes posting …

I do LOVE these & I was always going to make the stitcheries into a quilt....has not happened yet.
If they stay around long enough who knows !!

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Serenity for a Hot Summer's Day

I searched my files to find soft scenes for this so hot summer heat wave...
Something to take me away from the excessive 45 degree heat..

Plant more trees ….these places are lovely in summer too, when the trees are full of leaves.

I have been drawn to a couple of articles lately on busyness..gosh how do I spell the word ?

When life is filled to the brim with scheduled activity...

Been there done that but only ever used the diary when I had to in the office.

When I left that world behind 
I deliberately started to etch out a less time driven day... 
No time piece unless I need to make an appointment...
I walk a lot of my time in an unhurried way...
No, I am not so laid back I do not observe my world.....
I watch how we are governed, I see the influences... 
I watch nature.

Late yesterday I was swapping hoses over on the tap to water pots around the back..
Just below the tap I spot a very brown looking bee. 
It is thirsty ?

Drop a weeniest drop of water just nearby & watch the bee struggle up the ledge to drink or cool, so I added another bit & left it …
I hope it has survived the dry heat.

If I was on a schedule I may not have even noticed the bee....
it is that beautiful ability in us all to ….
Stop & TAKE time...moments... but take them.

My work has at times been very busy & then the home time has blurred & as I do it all, sometimes things have been sacrificed.

I do like some list of to do's and tick off that sense of achievement....
But to be booked in for weeks in advance would scare me & I bet, how I wander would scare others.

I was wired this way or developed that sense of freedom very early … so my natural state is this bliss.
I take opportunities often as they present...
not always do they all work out....
I seemed to have developed this love of moving into different environments & resettling....unsettled ….critised for this... envied too.
In this I have to adapt ….
The kitchen is different, the bedroom is there, the bathroom is here, only one outdoor tap, traffic, silence, the beach, the country side, a city. Where to shop, how to get from a to b
Nothing is perhaps familiar...
Except my work which is a fundamental part of me now....

The designs don't happen on a schedule....painting often does BUT I am turning that around now over time to make better working practices for me...

I am busy in my world but it is a different style of busyness …

One of my artist friends & I, often discuss this way of life... how we begin to shift the way we are living in the world ...we start to make changes...it is hard to explain.
Maybe farmers get this,& gardeners too, they sense changes in seasons, the subtle differences in weather, the way their animals start to behave, the crops  etc...

So what just came into my mind then was to be set a drift in a boat, down a soft moving creek, amongst trees ...drifting & have an oarsman I see...
It is cool there on this summer's day 
Nothing to do with the crafts I work in but then again everything ...

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Flower Garden in Buttons

The Flower Garden

Barrows of Flowers
Flower in baskets
Pots of Flowers
Robins in red Blossoms
Blue Bird in Yellow Blossoms

Saturday, January 12, 2019


The Wearable Pins are now on the website...
There are these 3  & each time I paint I might be doing different colours ….
adds to the spice of life ?
These below are $15.00 each 

These are all from 
Each is 7cm except the Blue head scarf chic who is 5cm & priced at $8.00

Friday, January 11, 2019

Behind the scenes on a summer's day

It is Summer and January & it finds me painting a large batch of Christmas Decorations and buttons...
They have dried after sealing & piled ready to package....

Happy to say all were completed into cello bags last night, labelled & today off they go to a store in USA

It always does surprise me how I continuously paint Christmas all year round.
One of my passions is Christmas....
Already I have sketches & thinking of Christmas to come.... what to shelve this season, how many designs are going to be there...etc.
it is a challenge as the way & what people buy changes … it's that funny love of seeing what works …
Time to wrap these guys safely into a posting box
See me on Instagram Theodora Designs  or search as I am bordering on hopeless with that but I practise LOL

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Wearable Brooches

The wearables arrived yesterday & I painted the first set before I downed the brushes & paints...
It was a lovely change from the Christmas I'd been painting earlier in the day.

I wanted some big flowers to paint in different colours that would sit on a gorgeous styled plain dress or top ..add some fun to a scarf or cap or hat
or look equally great on a plain shirt or T shirt.

The Paris ladies are ready to enhance any garment and give one that lift …
of being a lady in Paris, or Melbourne or New York

Today I will paint more for this wonderful Christmas order and experiment a little longer with colours for these ladies, Helena in button & brooch, flowers & the 4 cats pin, before I add them to the website.

Sunday, January 6, 2019

More Button Boxes today


Today I will be placing more button box cards on the website after an overnight wonderful order that leaves 2  !
These are off to America  

Yesterday I had the buttons tipped out on the table with intentions left over from the day before to just card all these up.
So yesterday I did get to them in late afternoon & have to ink in their bits & scan them onto the web.....
So nip over & see what is there late today !!
Time to get ready to work I guess LOL

..I love the down time and the mental creative space that brings to me...

I love catching up with an artist friend who also has changes & thoughts afoot that about a time I am fiddling about  in my thoughts
We seem to feel a change coming on about the same times in our lives....