Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Easter Parade

Been an odd day...
I did get some painting of 2 orders done early
posted one
Rabbits twitching their whiskers in pinks, browns, green
pastel blue
as they popped into boxes 
to destinations afar in United States of America & just a hippity hop to Marg in Albury...
More are ready for painting tomorrow to travel to Lilydale at the edge of Melbourne.
It is such fun to have an Easter this year !!!
I have just tonight experimented  with printing some of these button stories in a different venue
Always a little risk... but we;'ll see

The phone & the internet have been really annoying me dropping off to sleep when it suits them
making it difficult to do this sort of stuff...maybe I have sorted it but we'll see !!! again copyright Barbara Smith
Please do not copy ..thank you !

Monday, March 2, 2015

Little Boxes

This afternoon....I thought I'll try out the labels on boxes & bags that had arrived in the morning's post
One thing led to the saying goes
then off to buy some threads for the boxes which go with 2 of the new Thread Keepers ...
Of Course while out in the store


I found another box & a tag sheet & I had to keep reminding myself what I came there for !!!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Yellow & Blue flowers now

Copyright Barb Smith

Yellow & blue flowers now....
I was painting for the Monbulk Quilt show today
& started dabbling in different colours.
These look fabulous...

Redworked buttons

Copyright Barbara Smith

I tried the red flowered buttons on linen in this one...
I am still trying to find my favourite photo editor on this machine
But cannot  yet !!!

This one & the next was stitched onto French General tea stained coloured fabric
Both fabrics worked well with red thread.... 

The storm Melbourne had last night was not good look from where I have seen the news this morning.
I hope everyone is safe & dry...

Luckily here we were on the tail end of it....but I see more storms are predicted later today...

Saturday, February 28, 2015

He seems a bit warm

Always a little strange after the Christmas rush has settled down & I change feet to think of other things....
However work continues to arrive for Christmas painting...
I get to play with Christmas buttons & decorations all of the year...

This time I also needed to work on my small felt santa for a workshop in Christmas in July...
He turned out well..... 
maybe he needs some small plastic buttons down his coat ???
I also want to try him with a wool beard.
He was easy to sew 
will be a fun guy for the workshop....
It is a bit hard to think of Christmas in anytime just after we have had the last one...

In my days working under The Woodcutter's Daughter label so many cloth Santas were designed into patterns  & I hear every so often that my craft friends have these santas still in their decorating stash.
I did love each Santa I designed 
After revisiting this again...
Maybe I will do another couple....
What I enjoyed when making santas ..putting a different trim on the coat...
a different beard...
different decorations on or holding on to 
recreate the santas.....

This came early in my craft days ... 
when patterns coming out of America where the craft industry was alive, strong & fascinating..but so rare in Australia.
(This was Pre internet times is 20 years in pattern designs but I began what 5 years or so before in markets..
so 25 + years have now gone by LOL)

Lucky for me, I had Berrima Patchwork 2 hrs up the road & Lynne back then, would come back from America with spoils of different hair & beards for dolls, she also stocked  a few designers doll patterns that always called out...take me sew me  
Making a doll back then for my market stall ..having only one pattern..
I soon began to change the look by selecting different fabrics for the dress, different decor items to smother it in, a different hair 
all just changed it's appearance.

It was good to learn this way as now I can see through a design 
look at other potentials for the one design to be made..or painted. 

 The wood when I painted back then was kind of limited too to one doll I would buy from a stall  so she was painted into so many ways... I cringe to think how that went

it was part of the creating process.....
to see beyond what is presented to you 
and to know,
these designers always see stuff in this way...
the disconcerting eye I think one called it once..

I am forever seeing the potential of my designs 
I want to try it in these colours etc 
or perhaps moving a flower into a different base ..

Because we draw these things with pencils & place bits of fabric here & there..
 ...they begin from inside the mind ....
in that space others use for different stuff ( who knows )
Then they become a something...
It is a wonderful just create....not copy what someone else does or wants....

Just from within...a little village is always there..
but it takes a certain way of disassociating from all that surrounds us...
in this world of craft...
to begin this authentic process..

Just like the red flowers in the last post
They came first in pastels...then I added some brighter of course the red & I could do a lemon colour etc pink would look ok  etc for certain projects.  
Well santa the day needs to begin so I will leave you sweltering in your red coat to wait for the winter...

Friday, February 27, 2015


In RED FLOWERS now are these pots, bags,baskets & cart...
They have been in pastels & brights for some time now
I thought these are really fun, happy bright & right for redwork.

copyright Barb Smith

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Framed Book Samples

I was totally & easily distracted this morning...I have done a few odd things but nothing I measure with much of the detail that maybe it deserves.

I have ordered postcards & stickers in pretty colours... colour does it....
So after doing that & feeling very pleased with myself 
the ideas started to work at what else I can get printed

Oh use this frame for some of the samples from the book
Theodora's Studio 
( remember it has a pre releases special on until it is released around March 13th) 
Eventually I got to cut the linen off the roll
& set a few different designs on the frame
I am so drawn to that donkey and the elephant & the giraffe 
rabbits got to me ages ago..
It is a while since all of these were born into the button stable...
but somehow stories are wandering into it now
Creative process & progress maybe...?
HOWEVER... they are looking very peaceful in the frame..maybe that is it an overwhelming peace descends  for me as I gaze at these....
These will be trotting along to the 
on MARCH 14th 2015
 at MONBULK in the Dandenong Ranges
 money being raised for those firefighters in the area
copyright Barb Smith
do not copy thank you

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Change of Venue WORKSHOP in April 11th

The workshop that was previously planned to be in Moonee Ponds has been relocated
on April 11th 2015

Bookings through Mrs Martins Quilt shop in Monbulk
Don't forget the 
on March 14th 
Mrs Martin will be there too !!!

The workshop is easy painting, stamping & stencilling & using a button or 4  on 
mache box, tags, canvas frame, & fabric
These pieces are included in the workshop really just bring lunch & your apron
If you want to stitch a little with fabric, buttons & whatever you create on the day bring your fabric & sewing needs... embroidery hoops can be amazing fun too..small ones..
And bring a few extra small mache boxes & frames if you wish to make use of the paints etc on the day.
It is a  creative fun time 
The picture is an example of what is achievable on the day.
I supply you with 4 painted buttons to add to the projects.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

The little things

This weather.!!!!
We are hot, as usual inland..heat...
up in QLD & Northern NSW you have been nearly blown clear off course...& I was pondering a move up there what 6 months ago...
Not now though...

Anyway this heart is from one of my earlier BUTTON a border thingy.
I separated things out & this & some of the topiary tree images are also just sitting waiting .... to use again soon....

Ginge the cat has arrived....
it has come via a shop's request from a customer who loves these buttons
I said
I will try...
I liked him/her so much..
He/she  got to live in the webshop !!!  

This week's newsletter from 
in Melbourne
has a pre lease chat on their new book
"Owning It, A Creative's Guide to copyright, contracts & the Law"
Written by Tess Mc Cabe & Sharon Givoni
In the newsletter was a little survey of knowledge ...
I think this book will be exactly what many who are creating & plying their works will find a manual of must have.
I for one will be ordering one....

Friday, February 20, 2015

Buttons for the BOOK LAUNCH in Early March

The buttons for the Book Launch are done !!!
They are already on the web & priced at the home page or in Button Stories
You can order now for them to go out when the book is launched & this special is not available for issue until early March on the day the book is launched & that date is to be determined by the printer LOL

Order now to make good the special....

I packaged in several ways
This first one is the LOT
Which is normally $83.50
will be special for the book launch at $ 71.50

This is the animal & bird batch
Special $ 19.50
Normally will be $22.95

Christmas Lot
$22.00 will be the special price for the Book Launch
Normally will retail at $28.35

Giraffe & Co
$30.00 Special book Launch price 
&normally will be retailing at

Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Well...I cleared the graphics today for the book A6 size all colour to go on to the printing phase now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It is called
Simple ideas to place on your patterns to make the most gorgeous needle cases, pin cushions, stockings, tiny cones ...etc etc 
I have placed a pre issue special on the web just now so pop over to see what is on offer
There will be a pre issue button set on offer tomorrow too ....

Barb Smith Copyright

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Little Peek

Theodora's Studio
A small peek at the booklet to be released very soon..
Full of inspiration & simplicity

Monday, February 16, 2015

While a storm raged overhead

A very spooky storm of lightening both sorts & cracks of thunder...
I wondered where to park myself
Finally I settled with a few scraps in a sewing tin & the hoop..
2 funny unfinished felt flower things from years ago, those felt flowers are so effective...
added buttons & finished stitching a stem
The angel was the simplest...
I had a brown paper painted circle I had cut once...
an painted large everyday angel
the red fabric was angling to stay or go pile
& the hoop.
All it needed....I was going to french knot around it but it stands tall by itself.
I think the Mystery Quilt in Edi-Saxe magazine Country Quilts was on display this past week in Paris at a craft show...
I am looking forward to my copy in the post...might arrive today!!

Pop over & see what Shez has done on her blog with the class stuff..her blog is on side bar enjoying life etc... as she does !

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Shez's is very creative

This is a gorgeous project that Shez has made using the design from my booklet
Travels With Millie
Isn't it a most gorgeous gift for someone who loves to cook... especially if they have a helpful cat !
Thanks Shez for sharing this ....
Shez has worked some of the Christmas designs from the booklet also....
check out her  amazing blog...

Alas  the booklet is currently sold out but if I have enough interest I will do a reprint me via the website ( if you would like to purchase a copy on reprint.
A couple of shops have limited stock. 

On the topic of small books filled with things to inspire
My new booklet will be okayed for preparing to print on Monday...
It is called 
I will place a pre order special price on the web later today,
a picture...
Might do a little newsletter too...
I have posted one small picture on my other studio blog now !!!

On other fronts.....
I have many rabbits in pastels romping about on the paint table...
why didn't I do pastels before ?????
I intend to colour up all the cats in the collection as well as the dogs...some are already done....
I recently visited an old as in years ago friend in hospital this week....
he is not at all well ..
but the spirit is strong & our conversations spanned several decades
I walked out from the time spent feeling quite different about myself....
I could leave, walking,  that was my first thoughts...
The sun was hot & I had parked a distance away ( I usually get confused in big things like this )
but it was a small inconvenience ..
the view changes.
Selfishly I was very grateful of being able to catch up....
now I hope his spirits are lifted also...
I cannot take all this reward from the meeting ...

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Big Bunnies & couple of sheep

The Bunny Family large is perfect to sit into a frame on some fabric & a little padding for soft sitting
These are about 97mm high...
here is only this one left for $5 on the web.
 Big Bunny LOVES well Valentines they might just be...these are also suited to frames.
I have 9 of these at $5 each
 And one grey set !!!
 Then I found the sheep in the trees....
I had forgotten I had these ...painted & ready.
There are 3 & one extra that I have saved for a sheep farming friend.... 2 have writing around the edge & one is plain apple orchard either in that one
So 3 only on the web @ $8.00 each

Now has rained so softly & cooled me down...
and I should be painting most of today....
but..the wide open spaces are beckoning...
I'll see