Friday, July 31, 2015

Tinkling thoughts of Giraffes & drawing things

I want to add an update here about the 
These have been mostly removed ..
many many people benefitted from this generosity 

I hope many of you have stitched those designs and apprecited my drawing them & finally giving them away for a time.
No images are to be removed from this blog unless I give permission
I note some taking of my pictures still persists and you know I am right p/off at this attitude....
it is so not a nice thing to do ladies....
The posting on pinterest needs to be removed also as it no longer applies 

did not have any permission to post there.

I fancy a change & do you think typing over here was simple ! 
So I went back to what is comfortable in the centre of the page.

These little framed pieces are from the buttons of course 
 tell little stories in the Theodora's Studio book, which is nearly sold out..only a few copies are left.

The picture reminded me ...of the giraffe's in my last post....always same imprint of my drawings...
Wood is very static, so there is always a restriction when I work my illustrations into this medium..
Stitching brings me a different framework 
Applique similiar...
But it is all the same
Begins with the pencil or pen depending where I am, flying over the page...
I have painted for many years now but I love the process, the painting & the finished shapes..
occasionally I have cringed as I look at a wood design that is old & my skill base has improved a little so I have to take that off the collection...
sometimes they show up again in very unexpected places.

Once, many years ago when I had designed the lady brooches & painted away....
They were unique & of course all from part of my own persona... 
these things can be very very personal.....

I was at a craft fair as a customer, with a friend & we were in Canberra.
As was our habit we'd separate ..& meander with a rough 2 hr time to meet...
My friend came back to me 
& said Barb, 
"I don't think you want to see what I have just seen.."
What ???
"Your lovely ladies are copied & not so good."
I want to look I said.
I did look at these unpainted versions 
The "designer " had no inkling of who I was
I purchased each of the designs because what I saw horrified me.
at home I slotted each "lady" over my pieces....
One head with hat sat on another's body...
so it went on through what was then about 8 designs I had done.
The poor things looked so abnormal, so uncomfortable...
their will always be opportunists...
Sad isn't it. 

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

On A Sunny Day Stitchery

Slowly I am crowbarring my stitches into the fabric to make the 
On A SUNNY DAY from the pattern in SWEET COMPANY series.

I had a long phone call latish in the evening so I was wide awake 
& with little to choose from on TV 
( I enjoy the noise of an interesting show as I stitch)
I listened & half watch a drug thing on ABC2 
at times it was hard to concentrate on my stitching.

I heard the rebel voices of what they consider the reason for any drug taking,
the father whose daughter's brain swelled so much & she died..
the policeman who saw I guess the raw edge of all it brings
the medicals ????
Oh and the supply lines who thought they were doing a community service

It reminded me of all our excuses why we eat chocolate 
don't exercise much,
why some drink, etc etc.

Then I thought to where these people lived ( at home ??? ) some worked... were they really on top of their game ? did they drive ?????
how as a society we have raised this way & is it much different to my rebellious 60's ???

So there I was stitching 
making my observations & opinions
returning to how we are really living as a society.....
I think it is all slightly out of whack...

So it is why we need to keep doing lovely things like stitching & sewing & painting etc 
to bring beauty into our lives & to connect ...

I shall leave you with the giraffes
Young ... colourful ... in love..happy too!!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015


I have been having some intermittent fun with the sample making.
The first is the Along The Garden Path stitchery series
This is mapped out for sewing 4 of these into a small quilt...simple of course

Martina in Switzerland who stitched one of the designs in the series has posted on her blog
 Here are a few tidbits....stitching the Sweet Company girl from On A Sunny Day...
there are 9 stitcheries in this one pack
Squint a little under the red felt & button with the rabbit & there are 2 giraffes stitched.
This is from a 4 foursome of sweet gorgeous stitcheries

The stockings will be patterned up in a few days...
In this sheet will be some delightful small stitcheries if that is how you like to decorate a stocking ..the layouts for the stockings are the focus on this perhaps...???
And we have some with buttons on felt....
Which I just love to play with.
 Now I wonder what that rabbit with the star is up to ??? on a felt tag with the word M on it .....we'll see soon enough LOL 

Monday, July 27, 2015

I was still researching when I found this amazing website

Before everyone gets too excited about the Australian quilt industry ...which I cannot find any statistics kept for this...& our population is much smaller than UK & USA... so have a reality check first LOL It's alove & a passion often.
While I was researching I happened on this informative website 
It will give all of us some understanding of what it involves & there is much to read on this website.
Just so interesting.
Many years ago a colleague & I had our books & patterns taken up by a large distributor in USA & luckily our Aust distributor at the time warned us of the lesser amount we'd need to reduce the distribution price by & how long we would have to wait for payment.
We took it to get the word out mostly & as we had both self published we'd paid for the print runs up front & had all that "debt" waiting for a return to sell the books.
You may wonder how it feels to have a print run delivery truck pull up & there are the boxes..full of books for you now to market & get a return for expenditure.
Leave to think as you sew ..LOL

Saturday, July 25, 2015

NEW STITCHERY DESIGNS like colouring in books

I have just finished the redraw of these designs which are going out in the plain light of day as reasonably priced Stitching Designs.
The strip ones can be done as one entire stitchery or strip designs or even little pieces.  Some will have a couple of the folk enlarged to just play & turn head on the side for some lateral thinking of which all creative spirits are !!
Yesterday I hastily traced the top santa strip & stitched it while waiting at an appointment..when I press it later I will show you.
These are so exciting & I love exploring the ideas of which bit to play with & where...
They are on the website right now .
The detailed page ones are $9.50 
Also I have 4 critters on a page .....see the funny donkey on the left ?
the Christmas bits is 2  for playing with again 
Both these are $7 each.
copyright Barb Smith 2015
CHECK WEBSITE FOR THESE IMAGES  for the patterns now available

NOW as if that isn't enough excitement for a dull & dreary Saturday morning...
The QUILTED CROW newsletter arrived as I was doing these pictures onto the web.
'WHERE WOMEN CREATE ' magazine from  the Quilted Crow in Australia
for $25 quarterly subscription x 4 times a year
This is fantastic because our Aussie $ is very low in the overseas market & I get this magazine from the USA a bit & the postage is incredible like $40 ???
So get it here now, you can buy individual copies too 

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A Few things of Interest

Well my order arrived yesterday & I had trialled some new sizes... & ordered a wrong i had retired even though it is cute ...the bird came from the birdie cut away decoration...of many years ago.

I have altered the teacup size & now they are 20mm & once the older stock goes these will be the size in future.
The large deer in 70mm is back for his Christmas tan & off white...
These 3 decorations are now going to 7cm like most of what I have in the round decorations the stock again is 6cm & I need to check what those numbers are & we go 7cm & 6cm maybe for a time.
The houses I have decided will be the larger 45mm size & again once the smaller ones are gone this will be the stock standard size.....
I will pop them onto my website later today.

The PRE ORDER SPECIALS for the stitcheries are due to finish for the time being in a day or so....
grab if you are musing over it now while this excellent value is...

Monday, July 20, 2015

New Button Stitchery Stories

Two of the new button stitchery stories  with a Paris theme 
The buttons are in soft pinks & greens.
There is another new story
Sheep in the apple orchard....

Saturday, July 18, 2015

A Favourite Picture

The dull days that persist make it hard for me to get a move on in the day...
I tend to fiddle, easily distracted to what I set out to do...
start...stop.. you might know how that goes....
I was doing something with my photographs before & saw something I liked...
but I couldn't find that one
So this is a motivator to get painting Barbara picture
I just love seeing my work set out, displayed usually I watch the work go into bags 7 posting boxes.....
The stitcheries
I have loaded each of these new ones onto the website...
8 in the Along the Garden Path series of small a6 size approximate
9 French Houses series all in redwork...
I hope to have the final patterns made up by the end of July ..see how that gives me time ?
Hopefully it will be sooner,
Must paint...I have a box of jolly santas all waiting for red coats & off white beards...

Friday, July 17, 2015

Post came today from Pat

Well this took me back in time....
I had done this design for a magazine 
Country Threads 
I think 
Pat one of the lovely stitchers who has recently stitched the designs for me...has been very naughty & made this cover for me....
It is exciting...thanks so much Pat !!!
I see some of my flowers have not changed much....& this would have been 2002 ???
I read mostly my drawings for their psychological footprints...
& I could tell you some things in this picture...
as it depicts where I was at around that time...
I have more flowers in my gardens now , I rather like the birdhouse ...
Thanks again Pat...

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Christmas Story sample

This evening's quick little project 
from the small Christmas Story stitchery designs.
I have layered the stitchery onto wool felt & then cut a stocking out in cream felt.
Always loved the cream & brown combination
Earthy !
You can add these designs to stockings like quick & so sweet...

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Oh my this is a divine inspirational website

before I get going on another topic ....
I have been in this website
Watch the videos oh wow I want to be there !!!
I have known & loved Vanessa's fabrics for a long time....
I had purchased another English magazine the other & seen this cloth in an unusual pink tone & it had a gorgeous design print on it....... well today I bought another English decor magazine & there was an article on Vanessa Arbuthnott & the fabric 
So I came in to look & have been here ever since.

I adore the rooms she creates, the colours of  her fabrics ...
Go see it is so inspirational & she talks in one video of her design history will LOVE IT

Now I shall spoil the view with this.
The Christmas Story 
I tell a little picture every few nights
Last night was the Snowman star design which went all out in felt & some stitching for trees etc...
So the birdie as a robin, santa as he is & the star snowman...
So many things you can quickly play with in these designs
Which is called Christmas Story
It is guess where ..
copyright Barb Smith


The daylight has arrived, but where has the sun gone ????
It forgets to shine here !

Today it is a different space for me 
so much more so for 2 friends who both undergo life changing medical treatments today.

We wish them well 
that is in the truest sense of the word.

When these things come into our lives as bystanders we are certainly challenged in news ways, 
each part of life has a reshuffle...
with much confusion to look at the world differently...
how not to feel selfish,
with gratitude, 
with hope 
along the way some amazing conversations.....
as we stroll a little of the way with our friends.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Wonderful Quote

Some of you might recall me speaking of the magazine FLOW
which is not a craft or quilt publication but an amazing magazine full of creativeness ....great articles
last time I spoke of it it was about giving something away each day for 29 days... 
a book written by ??? But it sure was a lovely story. Feels great to practice too
The FLOW issue out in Australia now has a gorgeous supplement booklet to start doing that each day.
In the booklet is a beautiful label with these words by Herman Melville
many great articles in the magazine & it is inspiring

In my post this week arrived 2 more stitcheries in the redwork houses...
I am at that patting stage with them lovely...
I might remind those right clickers that these are under my copyright 
don't do that with my work & my images.....
I feel very disappointed to say the least..not many but it is liken to being stripped bare of my clothes on a cold winter's day .....

This is the second last tray of a big order I have been working with for a week or so...
Looks so pretty with aquas, yellows & reds with the tinges of white....
The weather is to close in cold in the eastern states today & I am trying to stay focussed...
clear table... wash floors .... paint.... pat stitcheries again.....

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Along The Garden Path Stitcheries
COPYRIGHT Barb Smith 2015
Do not copy from here thanks !

Along the garden path...8 designs are stitched...
Dorinda's from Portugal has now been added to the yellow background picture.
Australia, France, America, New Zealand & Portugal 
all worked on these designs for me...
Isn't it just magic ? 
Everyone stitches beautifully....
Thank you all again's been wonderful
Now I must finish the pattern packages ready to go.

Over the next few days my web site will be tidied Hope Wallace of Paper Relics in USA

(so if for some reason it goes off line that will be only a short while...I don't think it will but do not panic....I can do that for all LOL)

Hope designed my original website  & I dip into it & accidentally removed some bubbles around words on the side bar....
I am also hoping to have a gallery page added....but it depends what the program will allow.
Later when I get to have a big think I may get the website redesigned as she does some fabulous designs...

 When do these collages... 
I used a burgundy colour on the background
of these same designs 
It fits with different colour themes....
This is a 9 block collage so one block is repeated to make it  9 patch block
You can add a centre piece of nice words
"Along the Garden Path...."