Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Christmas stitcheries

Christmas Story 
Is a little packet of designs to stitch for Christmas projects 
Barb Smith Copyright  not to be copied

A set of 9 stitcheries A5 size... 
Ideal for many projects including incorporating into a quilt !
Barb Smith Copyright, not to be copied 

Little Redworking myself....

This morning I quickly traced this onto the fabric I had made ready to sew...
Then began to stitch with the 30 minutes I had before going off to physio...
I always take work for waiting rooms, be it I draw, think with pen & paper or stitch.
Today I got a little more stitched & having the best time...
But Zara was too quick today, so I didn't get much more done...
She was into the spirit of things 
 taped the hip area...
I need to get the paint brush swinging over the wood now.......but tonight I have a project or 2....
What I was thrilled with is the speed in which I work, it is not neat .....not like the stitching that have come back from my global sewing group (LOL ) they are all wonderful stitchings & I gaze at them in awe....
3 more have arrived & I need to check those parcels before I start to paint...
Martina (Switzerland ) Karin (USA) & Barb (Vic )
 are now back so will take a peek....

Tuesday, June 30, 2015


These are another series of stitcheries.....
Christmas ones this time
That I released yesterday...& are on the website....
Christmas is Here is a set of 9 x A5 size stitcheries ...
with extra tidbit borders or baubles that can be taken along to use as borders all around a stitchery or as a quilt border & top border thing..
Occasionally a felt heart or star can be added instead of stitching that piece or a star button...
Lots to do some lateral thinking with LOL
It is simply packaged & that keeps costs down for us all....
This set is $25
A Christmas Story is a small set of simple stitchings to make into decorations... or these can be set into a quilt....table centre piece...or table napkins..tea towels ..Now lets get out of the kitchen.
Gift bags....frames, hoops it goes on & on..
These are 6 designs if my memory is serving me ok.....LOL
& prices at $9.90
More Stitcheries are coming...  

Monday, June 29, 2015

Oscar & his Mouse


What wonderful things have been happening today...
Nicole in France was starting to think the rabbit she was stitching had gone off to seek more French Lettuces & would not 
come back to me....
In the parcel with the stitchery was a gorgeous shopping bag
with one of my designs from the 
Country Quilt's Magazine (France) Mysterie BOM
stitched on  the bag....
It is an amazing bag as you can fold it up & button it closed when not carry le pains etc
An the knitted mouse is for my friend Oscar the cat ...
How spoilt is this cat & internationally so as well...
Mind you he knows a thing or 2...

Meredith"s  gorgeous divine stitching came in the post as well...ahhh I am so overwhelmed !!! In a good way.... I'll make a pot of tea in a minute & compose myself

And also in the picture are 2 Christmas stitchery packs that I had printed up this morning
I wipe my brow ..should I just slack off this afternoon ???
No I have Auckland's NZ order to continue to paint......
It'll be a big day ! 

Saturday, June 27, 2015

My Prime Real Estate

This is a little look at the redwork stitcheries that have arrived in thus far...
All are divine stitching....!!!!
More are en route...
I could settled into any of these houses !

Friday, June 26, 2015


I thought I should edit this post... a call came in while these pics were loading so when that happened I published.
Craft Alive started yesterday in Bendigo & finishes on Sunday.
Really good show.....I always love them as I stretch across the spectrum.
Some big scrapbook stands, many great quilt stands..... cake decorating stuff & other things
This stall was Cookie Cutters
Amazing array & sturdy
I spoke to the maker 
who has been in production in Ballarat for 20 years

Mulberry Lane is outside of Bendigo on way to Maldon.
Bev has some gorgeous quilts on her booth.

Rosalie Quinlan was busy stitching a little something to pop into the tiny frames she has...
Much to look at on her booth
Lisa from Fig'n'Berry was there too
Catrina's I think the name is from Kyabram  in the valley area it is a shop & has some divine things...including that wall hanging kit of the French street ... stitched & looking really great.
I also found a great supply of interesting paint equipment at Unique Stitching from Canberra, as it happens from the same suburb I lived in..
I came away wiser from there
A few stamps came home with me...well useful different ones...maybe LOL

I also saw a few friends I don't see often...
If you are near....far ..go it's just a nice day !

DEER ME... CHRISTMAS is all around us

Before I go down the Christmas pathway..never to be seen again.
A gorgeous email from sweet 
Anni Downes 
From Hatched & Patch & Home Patch this morning greeted me...
Anni was relaying the success of my buttons / decoration sales at the 

Don't you just love Christmas preparing ???
It is such a pretty & colourful time...
Shez I see is going full steam ahead making some of the Christmas Designs that Marg Low Design created with a few of my buttons....
The Big Deer tag that is now showing on Shez's blog is a lovely pattern
Which reminds me to tell you again that Marg is running a Christmas Workshop on the highway just out from Albury on the Wodonga side...
When she rang earlier this week the day is filling fast... why not go up over the workshop & sleep over at Beechworth which is so close & lovely

 Here are the deer....
there is a little one, which began the story of my herd of deer several years ago now..with his wispy fine antlers & delicate size....
Next I thought  as I was in some big mode idea maybe a big deer button ???  Thought it wouldn't be so used... but we sized him up, my machinist & I
and Big Deer Button was born..
In between the Deer Friends deer came with the bird sitting on his back
Then I tried other colours white because I adore the off white Christmas decorating theme & wanted some of my work to fit this...
I did some grey & pastel and of course it all began with the tan....
Last season when I did a class in November I decided a mid size deer would be a great add in to the sample bag.....
So there are a couple of others I pull in & out of the collections 
They stand so well near my little tree don't they ?
Barbara Smith

A little history .....LOL 
you all roll your eyes collectively...well I have entered my 20th year in designing in this industry
This CHRISTMAS JOURNEY Stitchery & Painting Book
I did around 2000.... under the Woodcutter's Daughter Label ....I think it was so close behind 
Bless Them Stitchers
As you see my santa's are front back & centre, peppered with an angel 
The sampler wall hanging was stitched in redwork on the tea stained calico & repeated painted on the lid of a wood box.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Christmas Stitchings are COMING SOON

Christmas Stichings are due in the next week....
These are like the Sweet Company ...simply prepared
Very Special Treats...
as I move into some stitching designs once again !
Copyright 2015 to Barb Smith

Wednesday, June 24, 2015


A Little peek at the 
It is on the web so pop over & see it on the front page of the web
copyright Barb Smith 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Days of work

I went into this file hoping to find one of the market days in Canberra...
As I emailed my friend Philippa to ask did we really set up in the open air at those markets on frosty mornings.... we did.
The frost this morning reminded me of those days of busy busy off to market one Sunday in four.!
I found this divine memory I taught under a chandelier  once in this building....
It is gorgeous !
 Then I spotted one of my favourite doll designs
In the days of snail mail when I ran a newsletter where members paid $15 I think for was it quarterly ?
The aim was to provide something more in the way of cloth doll designs for the members before I produced it to the broader market..
This was one sweet doll with her tea stained calico dress...

These are also a favourite....
as I mentioned in an earlier blog with the Bless Them Stitchers fabric painting... 
I also did the same with my Christmas Journey Book
For an event ??? then I went to Warracknabeal to a Gathering 
taught the santa painted on calico. ( that little bag with the green ric rac top)
It is always funny when I offer such tuition...a few takers.... then once I begin & the first session go back to their seats beaming, everyone is so needing to paint today..
That day at Warracknabeal we were on the verandah & each time I looked up from the painting 
there were more eager faces waiting!
 Another of the small dolls.......
This one was made with a printed flannel.
I loved the flannel as it was so soft....

As you can see my cats the way I draw rarely change much !
Sometimes I look back & think have I moved on at all ???  !!!
But I draw from my cat memory....when I new cat enters my life I will draw them...they are all unique in the way they stand, sit etc...
Yes I observe them too....!
 And the angels were a brooch..... quite sweet.
These were modified from earlier angel designs that had the wings glued separately & then brooch back glued ...
That was a lot of extra steps in each one I had to paint & error prone as glue when wet can slip a little & that piece is then ruined for selling & 2 lots of glue drying were needed & it is not good fumes...
For another Gathering I took a risk of changing the way angels came....
It was less error prone for teaching & it looked so pretty finished & they grew into a button !
So they stayed for quite some years...
As I have said before 
I can often bring a design back into operation.. years go by & I think I want to work with that again. 

Now speaking of working... I have 9 stitchery designs now finished & the cover I think is sorted for first flight over to New Zealand  & then I will release on line....
Better go & paint first

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Never Alone Launched

I have read Rose Batty has launched her website in regard to 
Domestic Violence 
Have a look at the website 
if you wish join the ground swell against domestic violence.

Friday, June 19, 2015

As Far as I got

This is as far as I have got in using my designed rabbit stamps (Copyright Barb Smith)
Mache Boxes presented themselves last evening in the midst of some furniture moving in the office.
I will paint the boxes & adhere the fabric & I think it works well.

Sun is UP FINALLY ....these days working up to the SHORTEST DAY
have been really trying...
Dark at 7am...
Dark at 5.30pm
Dull rainy days..
Not a good mix (lol)

Nicole in France is stitching one of the samples which I felt she would enjoy the French rabbit in the garden....
This morning I laughed as the rabbit has been posted & packed with lettuces for him to eat on the journey...

Next week I will look out for the Swiss air post carrying Martina's stitching for me & maybe late in the week Nicole's rabbit stitched for me.
Nicole has made Oscar a toy !

This cat shares some of my world...& emails & he does is on the blog now & then.....
Sometimes I say do that roll over sleep again so I can take a photo & he obliges...
time & time again...he makes a good model 
...the cat I have only as a friend.. 
He is always an interested cat & loves it when he happens to pop over when I have chores to do 
& I engage his help... full of purpose he strides to the backdoor as we go to collect the washing....or take things to the bins..
The other day I was doing a few things & he thoroughly enjoyed the excitement..
Next day he arrives ready for the same again..
Only to be disappointed.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Here is a wee peek

Check out Shez's Christmas decoration  with a French Rabbit & santa round painted deco & a version
on Marg Low's Simple Pleasure
The Stitcheries are starting to arrive....
All so beautiful. 
All so delightfully stitched...
This is a wonderful sewing group.
I decided to include international  stitchers 
as well as our homegrown stitchers.

There are 2 sets of 9 designs sent to places near & far.....
I have another set just about ready to travel to New Zealand shop to go with some charm packs...
That was one of those opportunities where I had no idea that an for some stitcheries came to draw them up & send them over to their shop first.... to stitch as they will.

Many years ago trading as Woodcutter's Daughter I think I rang some customers in different parts of Australia to ask if they'd sew the samples for Bless Them Stitchers 
they all did..... 
Then my distributer at the time was taking patterns & my very first book Simple Stitchings to the Houston Quilt show & needed samples to sell in the wholesale bit...
Once again I asked these stitchers & we had a batch of stitcheries done so quick to make into little samples 

It is with just wonderful wonder as people answer my call....
I shall continue along this line as I have more designs for stitching.