Wednesday, January 24, 2018


Easter Parade.... bunnies hopping along the country road, a basket laden with gorgeous wrapped Easter eggs...
Stopping at houses with gardens ....
placing a gleaming silver foil coloured egg under a little daisy... 
for a little child to discover...
I knew when I wrote Easter Parade it evoked a distant memory...& I could not place the scene in my memory...
It was the Easter Parade in Bendigo...
As a child my Mum would travel with me on the train from Cohuna to stay with her parents in Bendigo  & we'd go to the Easter Parade with Mum's sister & children I guess.
I recall the buzz...

As I do when I recall the Easter colouring in books .... saving the papers from the easter egg.....
searching in the garden for eggs .....

Just like I wrote about the Christmas stocking raffle ...
These memories are so magical & stay with us....nice things that bed down in the long term memory
It is what I draw on now
Take a rabbit button
that is all you need in the button zone...
felt amazing is this stuff...
Cut out an egg say a base pale colour or off white..
I'd cut strips of felt to make a pattern on the egg..
wiggly lines..zigzag lines ( use ric rac also ) pinked lines with the scissors...
Stitch to egg
I like the idea of random french knots 
Add flowers again embroider a few basic flowers or elaborate  ..
If perhaps you want to use as a tag, cut 2 eggs & stitch together after decorating the front of the egg..

I did all this work after my breakfast today so hence why I can babble on what to make ...
These will get to the web site in the next day or so....

Tuesday, January 23, 2018


These are a few critters I will make up as wearables now & then....
Each is one only in colour & tid bits  
The upsized buttons will be in shortly in same images
I let my bright spirit go free here....happy folk
These wearable Pins are not suitable for children...just for grown ups  
who want a bit more fun on their shirt or later a jumper /jacket

Retailing at $7 & P&H

Monday, January 22, 2018

Days of Heat Roll on ...

I have been painting Christmas Buttons which fly off to France today....
This happens each year, I paint Christmas quite a bit after the event...
So making the new Christmas design releases have some merit !
The Flying deers are out of stock & new stock will come in after the weather cools as the machines have a flue to the outside world & always a fire risk & then the wood warps..
The small herd I had fly to France today .... 

I do have 3 single blue flying deers ....they have a Scandinavian  feel & when I get a surplus of these deers in I want to try an off white may look wonderful or terrible LOL

The deers are great in little frames & also do wonders climbing up a stocking
Or on buntings

The Merry buttons I had another purpose for these but found they are rather handy decor pieces...
The small scenes one can make with them & a couple of the modified Snowman buttons are a cheery look

Sunday, January 21, 2018


I had painted some chocolate bunnies as I was doing an order of some bunnies....
I had the frames waiting to capture the layouts & paint if I needed anymore...
( It's called playtime ! )
The English Bunny at 45mm will be flipped in a coming order of goodies ..
So you will have a happy pair to stitch with ... add things etc
The French rabbit is in this first picture too 

Sitting quietly...

I love the French Rabbits.... they say Fun to me

Bunny Love has been hopping back each year & they can also be found with little jackets on...or plain lovely yummy chocolate !
In the coming orders with the English rabbits will be a bit larger size Bunny Love as well...

Thursday, January 18, 2018

New Designs

New Designs today...
I was not sure of this tree....
even when I had painted 2 in different colours I thought ???
Try it in the frame....
I am thrilled with these results
The cat is also new & so is this dog....
This is also a new squatter's house ... which I love 


Tuesday, January 16, 2018

What was it I achieved yesterday ?

This was it yesterday LOL
My star deers 7cm have been cut in reverse I have a set now !
I wanted them for a different project I had done in pencil..
Which is still on the table..with other deers & santas & bits...
These sets of deers & star or deers & heart retail on the website $18.00
I thought a set of red & a set of blue.
Frames are great as will be the stockings, gift bags, boxes, tags, hanging hearts... 
you know anywhere they sit happily 
Tomorrow more new designs are due in & it will be a time I get overwhelmed & excited at once LOL
I draw & send off to the best renovator of my stuff I know & then I clear the design on paper conversion & wait for the items to have the first cut.  I rarely tinker with stuff after that...except if a line is too fine when converted into wood.
The frames are same as the ones in the fabric painting post...they really are a great size for smalls & great price.
As Karen mentioned yesterday the simplicity of putting things in frames..
It often does not need elaborate stitching, but you can add loads more & it'd be just as gorgeous.

I have loved that simple that's enough thing..which I am sure is A part of my personality & B practiced when I did the 5 years ( training ) at markets... when I sold lots I needed to get a lot done in the month... so I learnt quickly to not fuss too much, & the price point was  also part of it.
So do I love simplicity YES... but I often work in detail ????
I love bright strong colours but rarely work in that ???
On my pinterest Under ART JOURNELING you will see many saved brightly coloured strong lined paintings... I love that.
One of my brothers is an abstract artist & often paints in bright colours...he has that ability to place in that pop of those works.

Now our power is due off now for a couple of hrs... I think maybe we are getting brighter street lights...wait & see it is.
Lunching with my delightful 90 yr old neighbour at the pub today.She is a gem 

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Fabric Painting

Now you can see that no dusting was done this afternoon !!!
I fabric painted these small designs...
Early this morning I nipped down to KMart to grab a couple of small frames ( for another project )
Well they were handy for the fabric painted small panels 

It's Another Day ... A few new things

It's like coming down after an exciting event....
takes a while ...
Maybe I just cruise about in mostly Christmas mode all year...😊
I have work to do with my new designs as well as some designs I have modified
More NEW designs are coming soon...
I  think all the Christmas has now calmed down for a time 
with that some designs will be semi retired  
which means they are off line waiting to be called on the stage again at any time... 
All my designs are semi retired & that is going back a way now ....LOL
As we saw in the last post with the fabric painted quilt..
I am off to do some fabric painting with those smaller images I have located...


Saturday, January 13, 2018

I hate changing computers & printers

See this above is all that is left of 2 photos & descriptions did  a while ago & it darn well deleted the lot as it did yesterday even though I thought I got smart & saved as I went
I could scream but might startle the neighbours

So I am now loading the pics on for you to admire ( LOL)
& will return later to pop in some words

For Kerry !!!

Friday, January 12, 2018

A Little of what I did on Hot summer's day

I had a wonderful email yesterday from a lady who saw a hand painted quilt of mine some 15 years ago... I recall when these series of houses etc were designed & influenced by the Tuscany things going on & inspiring me at that time...
These marked a milestone for this lady in that it inspired her to take up stitching & I guess also inspired me to start doing little buttons ......the first batch of those designs came from these drawings.
I hand painted on fabric these designs & they did look gorgeous when done ....I taught these in & around Melbourne for a long time...

I now need to go & poke about in my various folders & storage spots for these original designs
You can see the quilt on my pinterest site under Fabric painting....

Maybe it will inspire me some more ...thank you Kerri for taking the time to share your story & your hunt for these patterns

TODAY NEW DESIGNS are in the postie van....
I am always so EXCITED to see the drawings turn into wood as if my magic .....I know that to be true  !!!!...
Most of this batch are new Christmas is always this way...I need to wind down from that happy cheery space called Christmas......
Ah but there is one cat loitering about.....
More to follow are dogs & cats....& house....

The week at work
A snapshot of what I have been doing this week...
Teapots & cups & cherries & strawberries are some of what is being painted ...
These are off to Italy for Cross stitch patterns by Sara Guermani...

 In a box ....I have these lurking about 
I decided to paint a few of the blast from past items to go on the web soon.
 The quilting cats button.....
It is a nightmare to paint in bulk... so much angling detail..all my own fault...
So I do these on rare occasions now..this lot will make it to the web soon too.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Back to work

I returned to proper work on Monday
orders have kept me busy as well as the new designs ...
Some go in the post today & should be at my door by tomorrow.
Always exciting for me to see the scratchy sketches turn into some interesting wood buttons or decorations or brooches....

Over my break I did some painting and have carded these onto white tags tied with ribbon or twine etc.....these are starting to appear on the website under buttons...
venience when you 
Reminder about that refresh button on the top left of your thing. Every so often it needs to be cleared as it doesn't update when I update my website.
I have every so often a perfect looking order but I have removed the stock some time ago...
I freak as I think Oh No I didn't delete that ...????
So race over for a look & of course it is nowhere to be seen..
To clear the cache you hit the refresh button a few times.
I learnt this when having a website designs & changes were made but in front of me sat the old pictures....the designer gave me this advice to clear the cache & voila !!!

Here is a sample of some of the buttons on tags...
Daisys & mini Hollyhocks are on the website but only a few as yet. 
$6 + postage & handling 

I also painted the French Freda lady button in pale pink...she looks very soft 

The buttons with the ladies, cakes, any sewing machines are now included in House & Garden category.
I also added a category of the current buttons & decorations that Marg Low uses in her designs.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Interesting exchange at the rubbish bin

It was on dusk when I took this photo of the kangaroos over the road.
This camera isn't as strong as my last are some of the small mob ...
Earlier I had walked out to the kerb to add some rubbish to my bin for collection tomorrow.
3 people were wandering along & I thought they were unsure where they were going, so asked if they were looking for someone.
"No" says the young man," we have come to watch the kangaroos.
My cousin girl lives in Melbourne & this man is from India.& I live here"
The Man from India had a camera with a huge lens & the roos were just coming out to graze behind another building .....
The man from India says "Happy New Year"
It was such a lovely gesture...
It took me to The Very Best Marigold Hotel movie.

It is so good to encounter other nationalities who have moved here or are  visiting. We often forget how these interactions enrich us.
Later I saw the man get a little closer with the camera.
The roos will stand up & observe. I thought they are not that worried.
Later the mob has moved just across the road ..

This looked like the mother's group with young in various ages, couple still in the pouch.
Someone else walked at the very edge of the paddock with her dog & they watched...
Then another couple with a greyhound on a lead walk to the edge of the paddock & the roos watch again...
I think they were enjoying being the tourist attraction....& were curious too. Often they take flight bounding off into the bushland.

I took 2 pictures & flash went off, then they bent down to graze,,,I figure they know who I am.
I always love to watch them out of my kitchen window.



Monday, January 1, 2018

It's a New Day, New Year & New Computer

I wish each of you a truly delightful year, full of good, kind & considerate things both to give & to receive. 

I am slightly behind this year with my Vision Board, but it is always a work in progress.
Some things at only the perimeters have changed for me...
Services I use for personal well being.
So you know I think it is time to change those...
Big decision I have now made..

With work I am working on things 
the scanner is peculiar since I installed that, which is so darn annoying & time consuming.

This is a stitchery I designed maybe this time last year or was it the year before ??
Rather love this series 

Have a lovely year